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The Boy was an interesting little horror mystery thriller about an old couple who want their son taken care of...problem is, he's a porcelain doll. "Brahms" has rules everyone must follow or he seems to get very angry. Chaos soon follows as the doll may or may not be a large disfigured man living between the walls of a mansion who gives life and voice to "Brahms," A decent thrill ride with odd twists.

Erik M.

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Trivia: The film's original title was "In a Dark Place," and it was written as an R-rated thriller. The film was re-written to remove some excessive sexual themes and it was re-titled "The Boy" shortly before filming began.


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Question: How could Brahms speak with a child's voice? He must be 28 years old. Don't you think that the voice sounded too much like a little boy for a man to mimic?

Bunch Son

Answer: First, the other answer stating his voice box was damaged by the fire is pure conjecture, and also isn't supported by the fact we hear Brahms speaking with an adult voice at one point in the climax. But to answer the original question, it's really not that hard for an adult to mimic a child's voice. Heck, voice actors do it all the time. Presuming that he's been stuck in the walls since the fire when he was a boy, he probably is used to speaking and acting like an overgrown child much of the time as he never really "grew up" mentally (as evidenced by his clumsy body language and attitude), only slipping into his "adult voice" when he becomes overtly irate or loses control.


Chosen answer: His voice box was damaged in the fire making his voice sound like that.

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