The Finest Hours

Factual error: In the opening shot of the movie while our characters are driving down the street in 1951, there is a post-2000, white Toyota Tercel. It's the 2nd car on the left. The car is removed from the next scene. (00:00:50)


Factual error: A utility pole appears in a scene, with electrical, telephone, and CATV (cable TV) lines. Although rudimentary cable TV systems existed in the movie's time period (1951), the 1/2" or 1" shielded cable shown in this scene didn't appear in use until the 1960's. (00:45:08)


Other mistake: When the crew is isolating the boiler in the Pendelton, the pipe wrench on the isolating valve is on backwards for the direction it is being turned.

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Ervin Maske: Please tell me we are taking this boat to a bigger boat.

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Question: Aside from the fact that 32 survivors were rescued, how many were there before the storm and how many died by the end of the movie?

Answer: 64.

Answer: The Pendleton had a crew of 41. 9 were lost during the rescue.


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