Fire and Ice
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Nekron: Next time you present me with one of your little sluts, Mother dear... I'll squash you like a bug.

Teegra: Nekron, you're a great power in the world. You have all that any man ever wants or needed... and yet you despair. For there is one thing you lack - one gift that only you can bestow between our people. Peace. This is the gift that heals the heart of the giver. Nekron, I extend my hand in friendship. I offer peace between our people. Will you not take my hand? Will you not call me friend?
Nekron: Woman, I spit on peace. I spit on you.

Larn: You've caught me, but you'll never hand me over to Nekron. You'll have to kill me first.
Darkwolf: Don't hunt for death, boy. It finds us all soon enough.

Darkwolf: I saw the girl before. She is on the far side of the big tree. You go get her out, and I'll distract the others.
Larn: There must be 50 of them.
Darkwolf: That sounds about right.

Nekron: Why have you brought me this?
Juliana: This is your bride, my son. She will be mother to your sons.
Nekron: How thoughtful, Mother. I need no bride, and no sons.
Juliana: But you need heirs.
Nekron: I need nothing.

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