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The Shadow (1994)

46 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Lamont and Margo are in the middle of the street checking out of the empty lot where Cranston sees the Hotel Monolith, a light gray sedan behind him disappears and reappears as the scene changes.


Continuity mistake: When Cranston telepathically calls Margo at the Assessor's office, the overhead view of her shows her being thrown back a ways from the open ledger on the desk, but the next level shot shows her much closer to the open ledger.


Audio problem: When Farley traps The Shadow in the water tank, he declares that "I'm going to be a king! A king!" He says the second "A king!" without moving his mouth.

Continuity mistake: The second time in the Cobalt Club, Margo comes over to the table and sits down. As they talk, Wainwright puts down the Martini, and has his hand on the glass. Then in closeup, his hand is up with a fork. Cut to a shot of Margo, he's sipping the martini. He calls for the waiter, he's putting down the empty glass. Cut back to her, he's putting down the glass again.

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Revealing mistake: The first time at the Cobalt Club, Wainwright gets a report of the Shadow, and plans a task force. Lamont's face goes dark, and he makes Wainwright forget about the Shadow. After the matter is forgotten, Lamont's face lightens, and you hear the chair he's in creak, giving away that he leaned back out of the light to make the illusion.

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Factual error: In the water tank sequence, Lamont takes a breath through one of the bullet holes. At more than five feet below the surface of water, the human diaphragm cannot push against the water pressure surrounding the chest, making it impossible to take a breath normally. Lamont should not have been able to draw breath at that depth.

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Trivia: Director Russell Mulcahy manages to insert his name in this movie: Lamont Cranston's butler is addressed as "Russell" by Margo Lane at Cranston's residence, and there is a delivery truck with the name "Mulcahy" emblazoned on the side of the vehicle.


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Question: When Lamont is struggling to stop the Phurba from cutting his throat, how did he finally manage to get control over the Phurba and use it to stab Khan?

Answer: He had never gone up against someone like him. A man who not only knew how to harness his abilities, but had mastered them as well, like young Luke going up against Vader. He finally found the strength and the courage to fight and defeat him.

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