The War Wagon

The War Wagon (1967)


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Lomax: You got a bargain, Big Man.
Taw Jackson: How's that?
Lomax: Two five-hundred dollar days for the price of one.

Billy Hyatt: Say, ah, how come you're married to Wes?
Kate: I ain't really. He bartered me.
Billy Hyatt: Bartered you?
Kate: My folks traded me for twenty dollars and a horse. They's poor.
Billy Hyatt: Me, I'd call that a lot worse than poor.
Kate: Ain't much never mind. 'Bout the same here as it was with them. Get your work done, keep your mouth shut.
Billy Hyatt: Twenty dollars and a horse. Seems to me you'd be worth... a little more than that.

Taw Jackson: In four days, Pierce is going to make the biggest gold shipment ever made out of the territory - a half a million dollars.
Lomax: How are we goin' to take it? With the Prussian army?
Taw Jackson: With three other fellas. Five of us.
Lomax: Five. I'm kind of glad I didn't kill you tonight - you're funny as hell.

Lomax: I can't afford to let you get killed, unless I do it.

Shack: Boss, you know the way they feel about each other, Lomax would probably ride all the way over here and kill him for nothin'.
Frank Pierce: Unless there's money in it, Lomax ain't goin' to do nothin' for nothin'... and I want Taw Jackson dead.

Wes Fletcher: Let me show you somethin'. You ever seen a shell like this before?
Taw Jackson: Yeah.
Wes Fletcher: Well, I took in ten thousand rounds to Pierce last week.
Taw Jackson: Hmm. Gatling gun.

Frank Pierce: Get fresh horses - I want you in Rondado before sun-up. Find Lomax. I want him to kill Taw Jackson. I'll pay him anything he wants.
Hammond: You'd pay him anything, sir?
Frank Pierce: I'll go for ten thousand.
Hammond: Hell, Mr. Pierce, we'd be willing to do it for a lot less than ten thousand dollars.
Frank Pierce: If you could! Lomax is the one man that can, so get moving.

Lomax: You caused me a lot of embarrassment! You're the only man I shot, that I didn't kill.

Taw Jackson: The plans have changed. The Kid wants to use nitro.
Lomax: Nitroglycerine?
Taw Jackson: Which is in a safe that you'll have to open.
Lomax: Forget it! I'm not gonna be anywhere near that drunk kid and nitro.
Taw Jackson: Lomax, that cuts it! Nobody takes a half a million sittin' on their backside. You'll either quit acting like a prima donna or we'll call the whole thing off.
Lomax: All right, but it'll cost you two thousand dollars more of your share.

Frank Pierce: Injuns don't blow bridges.

Continuity mistake: While every other actor in this movie wears the same costume day and night, day after day, John Wayne's costume changes regularly, even between shots. For all daytime scenes, he wears an orange long-sleeved shirt with a contrasting blue neck-kerchief; in some night-time scenes, he wears a blue long-sleeved shirt with a contrasting yellow neck-kerchief; and sometimes his daytime neck-kerchief changes from blue to yellow in a matter of seconds, between shots.

Charles Austin Miller

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