Sisters (2015)


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Maura Ellis: I don't wear thongs. I have a very fussy taint.

Kate Ellis: I wish being gay was a choice, because I always did like that shorts and boots look.
Maura Ellis: Yeah I dunno, for me the deal breaker might be the eating of the pussy.
Kate Ellis: Oh really? 'Cause for me, it would just be the fucking unbearable amount of talking.

Brinda: Winter is coming, bitches.

Maura Ellis: Blue? What would possess a person to paint stained wood blue? What, were you raised on a tugboat?

Kate Ellis: Hey. Lollapazuzu, I'm partying now. You ready for me?
Pazuzu: I've been ready. My safe word is "keep going."

Kate Ellis: You're so full of shit, I'm gonna buy you Pull-Ups.

Kate Ellis: You know, I never met a Brayla before.
Brayla: I know like three.
Kate Ellis: Oh, so you're trending. God bless.

Maura Ellis: How can one person have two colonoscopy stories?

James: A house is just a building, home is a feeling.

Kelly: We did it, you guys. We stopped time.

Kate Ellis: What kind of last name is Geernt? Geernt. Sounds like a queef on a yoga ball.

Alex: I can feel my hair growing.

Mr. Geernt: My apologies. I was worried you were having a party, but I see now you really are having a wake.

James: Is it past the tutu?

Pazuzu: Fuck this shit! I'm not going to work tomorrow. TSA can kiss my ass.

Maura Ellis: Can I borrow me your bathroom? Number one only.

Continuity mistake: In the early scene, when Maura is talking to the man in the corner, that she thinks is homeless, she stands up and has a green bag on her shoulder. When she asks for the sunscreen back, there is no sign of her bag. Then it's back on her shoulder.

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