Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Corrected entry: When Newt chases one of his creatures through Central Park, the park is heavily covered in snow and people are ice skating on a frozen pond. At any other time directly before or immediately after this scene and throughout the movie, there is virtually no snow anywhere in comparison to what's in the park, and people are dressed for moderate weather.

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Correction: You can see snow piled up on stoops and in alleys. It's just been stomped into slush, and swept or shoveled away where people walk and cars drive.

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Corrected entry: When Grindelwald is shown stealing the elder wand in one of the original movies, he was a much younger man that he is in "Beasts." And the battle between him and Dumbledore was much later. But he doesn't have the elder wand when impersonating Graves.


Correction: Of course he's not using the Elder wand. If he was impersonating Graves, he would need to use Graves' wand, else questions would be raised. Grindelwald was a boy when he stole the wand from Gregorovich and then went on his reign of terror across Europe. His battle with Dumbledore didn't happen until the 40's.

Corrected entry: When Frank (the thunderbird) releases the amnesia liquid over New York, every No-Maj's mind is wiped, including those inside buildings. If that were to happen, there would not have been any time for a goodbye with Jacob, as the rain would have wiped him the second he was above ground. If the spell had given time for a goodbye, everyone inside buildings should remember the Obscurus attack and the spell would be pointless.

Correction: It struck me as a bit of a reach when I watched it, but the film establishes the manner in which the spell affected people indoors by showing them all interacting with water in some way (drinking it, showering in it, etc). Since Jacob had not yet been directly exposed to water, his memory remained.

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Factual error: In opening scene of of 1920s New York the Statue of Liberty is in view with the modern refurbished gold leaf torch, not the original iron and glass torch. Lady Liberty's torch was not replaced until October 8th, 1984.


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Queenie: She's a taker, you need a giver.

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Trivia: Because so little architecture from the decade still exists, David Yates chose not to shoot on location; instead, the production designers created, from scratch, their own painstakingly detailed version of 1920s New York as a practical, physical set.

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Question: Newt manged to capture all of the escaped beasts except the billwig. Why did he give up on it? Because it's just a little insect? or he had already many of the species in the case?

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Chosen answer: It's not known why he gave up. Newt did have to leave New York and there was no point in continuing the search at that time.

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