Independence Day: Resurgence

The initial plan to target the queen at the centre of the ship is revealed to be a trap - some pilots are killed, some are trapped onboard. The probe from the start turns out to be from another alien race, containing information about vastly superior knowledge and weaponry they hope humanity can use to destroy the invaders once and for all.

The aliens are determined to obtain the probe, as it could potentially lead to their downfall. A trap is set, using a transmitter to replicate the probe's radio signature, lure the queen's ship into the desert, surround it with shields, then detonate powerful bombs to kill her, using the shields to contain the blast so as to avoid collateral damage. The former President (Bill Pullman) volunteers to fly the suicide mission to deliver the bombs.

The trap technically succeeds, however the queen has not been killed, and emerges from the wreckage in a powerful bio-suit, setting after the real location of the probe, using a swarm of alien ships around her for protection. However, pilots from the earlier failed attack are in two of the ships, and manage to trigger their fusion drives to escape the alien control, then turning their weapons on the queen, finally defeating her. With the queen dead, the giant alien ship shuts off its core drill and leaves earth. The human survivors realise that with the advanced technology they've been given by the probe, they might be able to take the fight to the aliens for once.

Jon Sandys

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David Levinson: They like to get the landmarks.

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Trivia: Brent Spiner performed the majority of his scenes alone, with no other principal actors on the set. In fact, Spiner is digitally inserted into some scenes where he appears with other principal actors.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: Dikembe Umbutu stated that his country had been fighting the aliens from the only City Destroyer that landed for nearly 10 years. However, it's stated later in the movie that the surviving aliens were in a catatonic state after the destruction of the mothership, and woke up when their queen arrived 20 years later. So were some aliens not psychically affected by the loss of the mothership's queen and continued a ground war?

Answer: General Adams was only referring to the aliens in the Area 51 prison as having been in a catatonic state for 20 years, not all of the aliens that survived after the mothership was destroyed. Presumably, the aliens in the prison came from the City Destroyer that crashed near Area 51, but the aliens Dikembe fought came from the landed Destroyer, and with their ship intact (and given the fact that it was trying to drill to the core) those aliens retained more of a will to fight.

I don't buy that. After man kind fought the aliens the fiercest war it had known, it let an alien unit go on fighting an African militia for 10 years without providing help? I would imagine if at the end of the war there were still aliens with fighting spirit, world armies would be all over them.

There is a novel authorized by the filmmakers called "Independence Day: Crucible" that takes place between both movies. It explains that Dikembe's father fought a ground war against the aliens from the landed destroyer, all the while stubbornly refusing help from the outside world.

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