Concussion (2015)


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Prema Mutiso: When you have truth, the thing you are told you cannot do is the thing you must do. Embrace that.

Dr. Cyril Wecht: The NFL owns a day of the week. The same day the Church used to own. Now it's theirs.

Rep. Linda Sanchez: It sort of reminds me of the tobacco companies, pre-'90s, when they kept saying, "No, there's no link between smoking and damage to your health or ill health effects." And they were forced to admit that that was incorrect, through a spate of litigation in the 1990s.

Prema Mutiso: I can't tell what you are more afraid of: what you will find or what you won't.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Cyril, I can not go back to Nigeria. Everything that I am is here. My child has got to be born in America.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: Don't worry, I'll get you a job. Hey, you can work with me in the prison laundry.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: By my calculations, Mike Webster has sustained more than 70,000 blows to his head.

Factual error: We are briefly given a shot of Heinz Field, panning out to the Pittsburgh skyline. Next to the Heinz Field stadium screen, an "American Airlines" advertisement is shown. This advertisement uses the new American Airlines logo which was not adopted until early 2013. (00:37:35)

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Answer: He was angry.

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