Point Break

Continuity mistake: Licence plates in front and back of the car are different and from different countries: Front: German WI-UX 995 Back: Italian QM 645 LC. (00:29:30)


Continuity mistake: After his fight with Bodhi, Utah gets one wound on his left cheekbone and one on his nose, both are gone when Johnnie is talking with his boss at the FBI office.


Continuity mistake: When Utah jumps onto the cable car, from the overhead shot he should land on the right hitting the support arm and maintenance ladder, but in the close up he manages to land dead centre, missing these bits.

Continuity mistake: After the car chase two of the guys base jump off the road, but when the motorbikes leave the mountainside is completely different, the side slopes away, showing no vertical drop at all.

Continuity mistake: At the end the small boat is approaching the oncoming wave, but Utah arrives, abseils from the helicopter, talks to Brodie and leaves, and the boat hasn't reached the oncoming wave. Although we see it approaching several times in the background the distance keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: Before Utah dives in the ocean after Aamsara he has his long sleeve surfing suit on, but under the water he is wearing only a short sleeved one.


Revealing mistake: When Johnny (Utah) and Samsara are in the ocean at night, the lighting appears to be in daytime. If you look at the surface when they come out of the little cave opening there is a bright sun-like shape.


Pappas: I don't think you noticed or not but what went down was a crime.

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Trivia: James LeGros played Roach and Bojesse Christopher played Grommet in the 1991 version. Both play FBI agents in this film.


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