The Secret of my Success

Other mistake: When Michael J. Fox is in the pool with Auntie Vera, she pulls off his shorts, however you can clearly see the flesh-coloured pants he has on underneath.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the empty office, as the camera angle changes, Fox's hair gets noticeably longer and darker.

Continuity mistake: When M.J. Fox enters the empty office and sits behind the desk, the phone rings, and he answers a grey phone. After a few cutaways, the phone has become black.

Continuity mistake: When Michael J Fox gets the elevator stuck the first time, one time there's a stain on the carpet, a repair man walks by and the stain is gone, he goes toward the elevator and the stain is back on the carpet.

Continuity mistake: When Vera hands Brently a drink at the country house, and she's talking about how trees stuck up oxygen, you can see Michael slightly turn and dump the drink over his shoulder. When he turns back around the cup has stuff in it.

Continuity mistake: When Brantley is changing in the stopped elevator, his jacket keeps moving back and forth from the floor to over the hand rail.


Other mistake: When the executive team are jogging on top of the of sky rise, the last shot shows the building is in a horrible state of ruin. All the windows are broken out and it is definitely not the building Pemrose Corp was shown as throughout the movie.

Vera Prescott: Why haven't I met you before?
Fred Melrose: Maybe you ain't been hangin' out in the mailroom.
Vera Prescott: Oooh, the "male room." I like that sound.

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Trivia: Kristy McNichol was the first choice for Christy Wills, but the studio fired her two weeks before filming began due to fears she might be difficult to work with due to her bipolar disorder.

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