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Corrected entry: At the end in the desert, John Doe doesn't seem to hear or see the police helicopter hovering at their location.

Correction: Or he's just ignoring it.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Somerset and Mills go to the safety house to show the lawyer's wife the pictures of the crime scene, Mills arrives there completely wet, but Somerset is absolutely dry. Both of them got there walking.

Correction: Is it beyond belief that Somerset used an umbrella?


Corrected entry: Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are told by the murdered lawyer's wife that the painting in his office is upside down. When they remove the painting to check it out, the hanging wire is positioned correctly, that is, as if the painting was right side up all along.

Correction: When they take the picture down and examine it, Sommerset (Morgan Freeman) looks closely at the frame (right around the place where the wire would have been attached if the picture had not been flipped) and says: "He moved the screws to re-hang it." Mills (Brad Pitt) responds: "Yep"

Corrected entry: When the head of Brad Pitts wife is delivered in a box there is a brief view of black curls in the box but Pitts wife has straight blonde hair.

Correction: The hair is not black, it is soaked with blood. The blood has also dried, making the hair appear even darker.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Morgan freeman and Brad Pitt are talking about life and people in the big city Morgan tells Brad that he "can't afford to be that naive". On the region 2 DVD copy I have by 'Entertainment In Video', spine catalogue no. EDV 9008 the subtitles for that scene have been spelt incorrectly. The subtitles say 'can't afford to be this nave'. A nave is something to do with knights in armour or it would be if it started with a K. (01:26:15)

Correction: This isn't a movie mistake though. It's a dvd production mistake, nothing to do with the film, the actors or producers etc.

Kayleigh Green

Corrected entry: When the detectives have entered the house, Morgan Freeman reads a handwritten book of which he states there are 2000 with approx. 250 pages each. This would take one person decades to handwrite, not allowing him to sleep, eat etc. let alone murder and plan murders.

Correction: One person can write about 50 pages in 5 hours, which leaves plenty of time to eat, work, sleep, whatever. Let's say that's what he did: it would have taken him 27 years to fill the 2000 notebooks at leisure, which is conceivable if he started writing his "diary" as a teenager. And if he wrote more pages per hour, or for more hours every day, he would have filled those notebooks even faster.


Corrected entry: When Somerset and Mills are in Mills' apartment going over the crime scene photos of the greed victim, Somerset states that attrition is when you feel remorse for a sin but not because you love God. Attrition is the act of thinning out the numbers of a group in order to achieve victory over them. The word Somerset was looking for is "contrition" (or "imperfect contrition" if you want to get technical).

Phaneron Premium member

Correction: Theologically, "contrition" refers to "sorrow for and detestation of sin with a true purpose of amendment", while "attrition", or "imperfect contrition" refers to "sorrow, but not contrition, for sin." In other words, theologically speaking, "attrition" is the act of feeling guilty for a sin, not out true remorse, but more because of fear.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brad Pitt is chasing John Doe through the building he comes to a window and looks out to see John Doe pointing a gun at him. John Doe fires the gun at the window several times. If you look to the left of him when he's firing you will see a flock of pigeons walking around on top of the air-conditioning duct. These would almost certainly have flown away at the sound of gun fire. (01:10:45)

Correction: Pigeons in a city are used to sudden noises, and if not directly threatened, may not react.


Corrected entry: When Kevin Spacey arrives at the police station in the taxi, once inside the station he is covered in blood from having cut the tips of his fingers. There isn't a drop on the taxi, nor does there seem to be a problem when he pays the taxidriver (although this isn't visible, you can assume his money should be heavily bloodstained).

Correction: This shot is so quick that nothing can be seen inside the taxi for us to say he didn't leave any in the taxi. Also with paying the driver, if the money was bloodstained (even though he had bandages covering his fingertips) its likely he wouldn't try and stop him and start asking for fresh money what with blood all over him.

Correction: They don't. They just look that way because the screen is at an angle.


Corrected entry: When Somerset visits Mills' apartment, a subway train passes very close by and everything starts shaking. Somerset explains how they were tricked by the real estate agent. But this obviously takes place after they have had dinner, and thus Somerset must have been in the apartment for quite a while - they must have already had trains passing and that conversation already.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Certainly a train has passed at least once since Somerset arrived. But not until he became aware of just how frequently that occurred would Mills feel the need to explain how they ended up living with such an annoyance.

Phixius Premium member

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Continuity mistake: When Somerset is in the taxi on his way to the Library, he is wearing a blue and white shirt, yet when he arrives at the Library, his shirt is completely white. (00:24:42)

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David Mills: You're no messiah. You're a movie of the week. You're a fucking t-shirt, at best.

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Trivia: Kevin Spacey made sure that it was in his contract that his name would not appear in any press releases or reviews, that his photo would never appear in any of the above, he was not to be mentioned in interviews nor was his name to be anywhere in the opening credits. He cites his reason as being that The Usual Suspects and Outbreak were both opening earlier that same year and figured that people would start to recognize his name. And he also figured that if people saw his name in connection with the movie and he didn't appear for the first 2/3 of the movie they would know that he was playing the killer, thus ruining the element of shock and surprise that the moment in the movie has built up to. To compensate, Spacey is listed first in the ending credits.


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Question: What happened at the crime scene at the start of the film when Somerset asks the other police officer if the victim had kids? (Before Somerset meets Mills).


Chosen answer: A woman shot her husband. The other detective on the scene says to Somerset, "he's dead, his wife killed him."


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