The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
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Continuity mistake: Katniss, Coin and Heavensbee are discussing Katniss staying in 13 and shooting some propo's to show she is still alive. Heavensbee has a pen in his hand that has the cap off. Camera cuts to Katniss and then back to Heavensbee and the pen lid is now replaced. In the shot of Katniss we see his arms and they do not make the motions of replacing the cap. (00:23:30)

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Factual error: When Katniss approaches the gate to President Snow's mansion, just after the massacre of civilians in the large plaza, she sees her sister attending to wounded and runs toward her. There is a fiery explosion and Katniss is thrown onto her back and we see that radiant heat from the blast has caused the front of her coat to burst into flames. Flash burns are a common injury following an explosion, but Katniss has not a mark on her face, and not a trace of redness then, or shortly afterward when she is treated in a dispensary.

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Suggested correction: As is made clear in the book, the fire never touches Katniss' face.

First off, whatever is in the book is not enough to correct a mistake for a movie. Secondly, flash burns do not require fire to contact the skin, they are caused by the thermal radiation from the explosion.


Also book/film discrepancies are invalid by sites rules.

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Trivia: At the end of the film, when Katniss and Peeta are enjoying their life together, their two children are played by Jennifer Lawrence's real-life nephews Bear and Theodore.


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Answer: "No. Don't use words. Don't forget. Thank you."

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