Burnt (2015)


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Lily: You're the ogre.
Adam Jones: Yes. But I bake great cakes.

Reece: You're better than me. But the rest of us need you to lead us to places we wouldn't otherwise go.

Simone Forth: You know, when I lie awake at night and list my regrets, you're one of them. I say to myself, "Simone, you're a lesbian. Why did you sleep with Adam Jones?"

Adam Jones: I don't want my resturant to be a place where people sit and eat. I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing.

Tony: In Paris, it happened two times a week. I used to worry, now I don't. Believe me, the only person who will kill Adam Jones is Adam Jones.

Adam Jones: I sentenced myself to shuck 1 million oysters. Today is the last day of my penance.

Adam Jones: I love the decor, it's perfect for stoning infidels.

Adam Jones: If it's not perfect, you throw it away... regardless of time.

Continuity mistake: Bradley Cooper has dried blood running down his face just after he sends the meals out to the star diners. Then in the next shot he rubs his sore eye - all the blood is cleaned up and it's a tiny smudge. (01:14:20 - 01:14:55)

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