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Other mistake: Ghostface tries to kill Sidney by the front door of the sorority house, and the pendulum clock shows it's 12:10, which fits also the timeline with CiCi's murder. Running away from him though, Sid passes by a mantle in the party room that has a clock that strikes 10 to 7. (00:39:40)

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Character mistake: Mrs. Loomis is crazy and does not really think things through (she finishes her speech saying "who gives a f..." and that she's untraceable anyway), however it's worth noting that when she tells Sidney the official version that the police will believe, she is wrong; she says it wiping the gun clean from prints and throwing it away, which means that the police would find the supposed murder weapon with neither Mickey nor Sidney's prints on it, and neither wears gloves. Moreover, she plans to disappear and she was prominently featured in the media coverage, so people would certainly investigate her at least as victim.

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Suggested correction: I don't think that a psychopathic character acting irrationally and jumping to unlikely conclusions really constitutes a character mistake. But I do think it's also worth pointing out though that cops usually don't rely on fingerprints on guns anyway - the likelihood of finding a usable print on a gun is minuscule (only about 5%), and there's going to be traces of things like skin-oil and whatnot on it from being handled, so the cops will likely just assume it was used by someone in the room - the most likely candidate being either Sidney and Mickey. Mrs. Loomis is also using a false identity and has got surgery to change her face before, so she could likely disappear pretty easily. Real-life killers get away with disappearing all the time.


I am no expert in true crimes and forensics, I am just challenging the movie logic here (which is why I talk about the behaviour of a crazy character who is running exposition). What I get from your objection though is that the cops wouldn't be able to tell that she wiped the gun clean from prints and so that wouldn't stick out as suspicious? She didn't really change her face, since Sidney recognizes her when she gets a good look at her. Rewatching the scene anyway it's very evident that she does not really care because she simply puts her faith in the cops not being able to track the fictitious Debbie Salt, so I would be happy with a correction here, I was interested in pointing out that the whole first part about wiping the prints and throwing the gun aside does not seem to logically follow up, I take note that according to your objection using 'real science' and forensics practice it might not even be that.

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Character mistake: The library of Windsor College is awful at cataloguing, since Sidney searches the "Social Sciences" section and her screen is full of books about Quantum Physics. (01:06:35)

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Factual error: The part of the play Sidney stars in begins with "All, behold the dreaded fate of Troy, that once stood proud and light upon the hills of Sparta." Please, what? There is a correlation between Sparta and Troy (the bride of the king of Sparta ran off with the prince of Troy, that was the casus belli), but phrased this way it does not make sense. (00:57:00)

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Other mistake: The movie is supposed to happen "a couple years" after the previous (words of the moviegoer behind Jada Pinkett) but the current date shown at the theater says 1997, and Scream was set in September 1996 (calendar at Stu's house distinctly visible when he brings Sid's dad out of the closet).

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Plot hole: It's never explained or questioned not just how Cotton Weary just happened to stumble into Dewey inside a remote recording room, but why was a non-student not from the area wandering around the student campus at 10-11 PM during a curfew to begin with.

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Maureen: Can I...gimme some money. I need to get some popcorn.
Phil: You got money.
Maureen: I got my money. I asked for your money!
Phil: Cheap ass.

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Trivia: In Scream someone asks Sidney who would play her if they made a movie about her. She said "With my luck, probably Tori Spelling." Tori Spelling did play Sidney in Stab.

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Question: In the movie "Stab" it shows what is supposed to be reenacting Drew Barrymore's death and looks as if it is just like the one in the first film. But how could it be almost perfect if no one was there to see it?


Chosen answer: In real life, they'd have known there was a phone call involved. They would have known her boyfriend was killed. They could have easily pieced together that the killers played a cat and mouse game with the Drew Barrymore character. But that doesn't account for all the details. Anything else would be speculation. My speculation: Maybe Billy Loomis kept a diary.

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And rumor has it that Stu didn't die that he may still be alive.

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