Night Train to Lisbon

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, as Raimund is crossing the bridge in the rain, his umbrella turns inside out, but as it flies away to the river, it is not turned.


Other mistake: Raimund really needs his glasses to read and can not see sharpness close-by like the streets after his accident. If you need such strong prescription glasses to see close-by, like reading, your eyes look bigger if you wear your glasses. Raimund's eyes however, look smaller.

Continuity mistake: When Raimund pulls the girl with the red coat off the railing bridge, his briefcase opens and his pupils' essays fall out and get wet in the rain. Raimond and the girl pick them all up, but they are a mess; miraculously, when Raimond starts to put them back, they fit easily, and they are not soaking wet.


Audio problem: When Armedeo and Estefania are ready to leave in the car, George stands in the driveway with a gun aimed at Estefania. Armedao gets out of the car, but the car's ignition goes off without Armedeo doing it.


Other mistake: When Estefania and Amadeu first meet, she attempts to light a cigarette while talking, which is impossible - you have to have both lips together to hold the cigarette still for the match to light it successfully.


Amadeu: But by travelling to ourselves we must confront our own loneliness. And isn't it so everything we do is done out of fear of loneliness? Isn't that why we renounce all the things we will regret at the end of our lives?

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