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Visible crew/equipment: At the end when Sidney's dad falls out of the closet, if you look closely you can see the hands of a crewmember who was in there too, pushing items out after him. (01:42:40)

Jon Sandys

Audio problem: When Sidney comes running to the house and she sees Dewey come out with the knife in his back she screams "Dewey!" but her mouth says "no!" (01:27:23)

Revealing mistake: As Drew Barrymore is running from the killer outside he stabs her. If you look closely it is very easy to tell it is a rubber knife, because you see it bend off of her. (00:10:20)

Visible crew/equipment: When Casey tells the killer "Dial somebody else, okay?", you can see the shadow of some equipment on the decorative pillar at the top right of the screen as the camera moves backward. (00:03:18)

Jack Vaughan

Factual error: At the end when they are loading Dewey into the ambulance on the stretcher, it is standard procedure to put the patient neck brace when they receive any type of unknown injuries (stab wounds) to their back as Dewey did - it was notably absent.


Revealing mistake: After Gale backs the van up, and Kenny's body falls on the windshield, they cut to a shot where Gale is driving away, and Kenny's body is on the roof of the van. When she starts driving you can clearly see Kenny lift his head into the air to look forward, even though he's dead.

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Continuity mistake: When Ghostface is trying to kill Tatum in the garage, she tries to go through the doggie door. From the outside shot, she is out of the door from her arms and up. From the inside shot, she is out of the door from her hips and up. (01:04:20)

Audio problem: When Gale is talking to Kenny the cameraman before she goes off to investigate the abandoned car with Dewey her face is in a close up. She can be clearly heard uttering the forbidden phrase "I'll be right back." However her mouth can clearly be seen saying "keep watching." (01:11:25)

Revealing mistake: When Sidney in Ghostface costume stabs Billy with the umbrella, you can see the squared shape of a protection pad under Skeet Ulrich's shirt (which she misses the second time around, famously prompting a genuine scream of pain from the actor). (01:39:55)


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Revealing mistake: When the killer surprises Sid after she's come in from outside and locked the door, he tries to stab her with his left hand, misses, and hits the door right next to the chain in closeup. In wide shot (very quick shot) when Sid legs it, look at the killer and you can see he's holding a very badly bent knife in his right hand, nowhere near the chain. (00:27:55)

Jon Sandys

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Continuity mistake: As Gale is talking to Dewey outside the school, when she is trying to get information from him about the killings, Dewey takes his sunglasses off and hangs them on his shirt. In the following scene they hang two different ways every time the camera cuts to him. (00:48:40)

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Continuity mistake: After the curfew has taken effect, Dewey and Sheriff Burke are standing on a sidewalk in town. The Sheriff is smoking a cigarette. In one shot the cigarette is almost gone, then he drops it and he steps on it, but it's now a lot longer. (00:59:40)

Revealing mistake: When Sidney and Stu are fighting in the living room and they both trip over the couch, Stu's stunt double is visible and wearing a wig. (01:40:25)

Revealing mistake: When Stu, Randy and the rest are talking about breasts, Stu looks down a girl's shirt. The girl smacks his shoulder and kind of grins at the camera, as if it wasn't supposed to happen. (01:12:55)


Continuity mistake: Pay attention to the scene where Randy gets the call that the principal is dead and the rest of the group races off to try to see the body before they cut it down. Five or so people get up and run towards the door. When they are shown in the exterior shot running from the house to the car it is an entirely different group that are not even dressed similarly. This was due to the fact that the group were made up of actors whose contracts were by the week. The exterior shot was the only thing they didn't get during that initial week and to bring them back for that one shot they would have had to have been paid for an entire new week, which was too expensive for one shot. They just used extras instead.

Continuity mistake: When Tatum is throwing beer bottles at ghost face in the garage, there is beer and foam all over his costume...until he lands on the stairs behind her. (01:04:10)

Continuity mistake: After Sidney has been attacked and is in her room. Billy climbs through the open window. It is completely open. After he drops his mobile phone, the window is only half open. (00:28:35)

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Suggested correction: It's not completely open when he climbs in. You can see the window open a few inches above the height of the curtain tiebacks, and that's the same height as in the rest of the scene.


Visible crew/equipment: When Casey agrees to play the killer's game she crouches down next to the television and as the killer says "Here's how we play..." you can see a clear shadow of the head of the boom microphone cast on the white wooden railing at the top right of the screen. (00:06:25)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: When Stu & Billy are in the kitchen after Sydney has escaped them, she calls Stu's house phone. Billy gets pissed and throws the receiver at Stu. It bounces off him and lands on the floor, yet when Stu picks up the receiver to talk to Sydney, it's on the table. (01:39:05)

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Suggested correction: To be fair, Stu is shown having a grip on the phone's cord, and he had all the time to jerk it up on the desk overshooting his resting arm while he was off-camera during Billy's temper tantrum. Of course, it's also a known fact that Stu being hit and Matthew Lillard's reaction was an ad-lib kept in the final movie, so they were going to keep that take in the movie regardless - it might be a mistake, after all.


Audio problem: When Gale starts driving away after she hits Randy with the phone, Kenny's body falls on her windshield. At this part the camera pans to a shot overhead and Gale says "Kenny, I'm sorry, but get off my f***ing windshield!". Her mouth is not moving as she says this. (01:26:35)

Randy: There are certain rules one must abide in order to sucuessfully survive a horror movie, rule number one, you can never have sex.
[Everyone jeers.]
Randy: Big no-no! Big no-no!
Stu: I'd be a dead man.
Randy: Rule number two, you can never drink or do drugs. [Everyone clacks their beers together.] It's the sin factor. An extension of number one. And number three, never, ever, under any circumstances say "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back.
Stu: Hey, I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?
Randy: Yeah, sure.
Stu: [Dramatically.] I'll be right back!
Randy: Yeah, you bent the rules. I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife.

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Trivia: After the guests leave and Randy is alone on the couch watching Halloween, right as the ghost-face walks in, the Halloween theme begins. In Halloween the beginning of the theme means the shape is near.


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Question: A small thing that I was curious about: when Billy and Sidney are in the police station, they are in two rooms/areas that are only separated by a glass wall. In real life, would a suspect be kept so close to the person they are accused of attacking?

Answer: No, this is completely incorrect from the film makers. US police stations by law have to have an interrogation cell deliberately so as to avoid the accused person intimidating witnesses or the victim, as billy does to Sydney. Even if the interrogation cell were being used when Billy is brought into the station, he would then be put in a holding cell to wait his turn - they categorically would not just allow him to sit in the public, non guarded part of the station near the accuser.


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