Crimson Peak

Trivia: One of the ghosts appears to be bleeding from her head upwards, the fluid defying gravity. Del Toro used this visual clue for death underwater in one of his earlier works entitled The Devil's Backbone (Spanish: El espinazo del diablo) where a bleeding orphan boy was drowned.

Erik M.

Trivia: Both Emma Stone and Benedict Cumberbach were originally cast for the lead roles, but both left the production.

Erik M.

Factual error: The 'Post Office' is nothing like an English one would have been, even in a remote rural location in Victorian times. It seems to have been transposed from the American Wild West.

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Question: What's the deal with the puppy, and did it die in the end?

Answer: It was killed by Lucille in one of the final scenes.

Answer: Just before the doctor was stabbed by Thomas Sharpe, his sister kills the dog she despises just off to the side and behind them-you can hear its final whimper.

Erik M.

Answer: The dog belonged to one of Sir Thomas' former wives. He had abandoned it on the moors, thinking it would die, but it came back to the house.

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