Sleeping with Other People
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Thea: Why haven't we had sex yet? Do you just want to be friends? 'Cause honestly I have enough friends.

Jake: First off, in our initial conversations about exclusivity, I distinctly recall you saying something about "staying casual," yeah?
Hannah: I only said that.
Jake: Most likely because you thought that was what I wanted to hear, yes?
Hannah: Yes.
Jake: Okay. Well, me taking you at your word doesn't make me an asshole. It does however make you a liar.

Lainey: Are you saying I'm crack cocaine?
Jake: Yeah. Don't sell yourself short. We wouldn't have the west wing without you.

Lainey: If you want someone to fall for you, you gotta be you.
Jake: Yeah I don't think I like me enough to introduce him to other people.

Lainey: First of all, you are not the Mark Zuckerberg of vaginas.
Jake: I don't know who that is.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, Jason Sudeikis pops out of a door wearing a Jurassic 5 T-shirt. Problem is, the artwork on it is from the cover of Feedback, their 2006 album. The scene, as the introductory caption says, is supposed to happen in 2002. (00:00:55)

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