Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
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Fin Shepard: You're never gonna believe who's giving me a ride.
April Shepard: Let me guess. Nova.
Fin Shepard: Yeah, I'm with Nova. How do you know that?
April Shepard: Who else would give you ride in the middle of a sharknado?
Nova Clarke: Wifey sense. Hi, April! Still not a stripper.

Nova Clarke: I'm going to kill all of 'em, every last one of 'em.
Fin Shepard: Tried that three times. Didn't seem to work.

May Wexler: Careful. Slow down. You got a little one in there.
April Shepard: I've done this many times before. Heh.
May Wexler: Oh, well. You had two hands then.
April Shepard: Really? Are you gonna go there?
May Wexler: I'm just saying it's okay to ask for a little help. Besides, your husband should be here. And where is he? Oh, he's probably getting eaten by another shark.

Claudia Sheperd: Have you ever met someone who survived a sharknado?
Chad: No, but my boy survived an alligator apocalypse. How 'bout that? Alligator.
Claudia Sheperd: Oh, my God.
Jess: He's kinda cute.

Fin Shepard: I'm sorry, Dad.
Gilbert Grayson Shepard: Sorry? We're not dead yet.

Fin Shepard: Madam Vice President, this is my brother-in-law Martin.
Martin Brody: I'm the good looking one.
Vice President Sonia Buck: Yeah. Now you know how I feel.
Martin Brody: I like her.

Fin Shepard: How can they survive in space?
April Shepard: How can they survive in a tornado?

Sergeant Roberta Warren: I really hate sharks.
Nova Clarke: Yeah. You and me both.
Lucas Stevens: Could be worse. Could be zombies.

Fin Shepard: It's not space I'm worried about. It's the sharks.
Sergeant: Maybe the sharks can help with the aliens.
Fin Shepard: Aliens?

Lucas Stevens: One of my computer-modeled scenarios was a large low-pressure cell with multiple sharknadoes. If enough of them merge, the whole storm will start to rotate.
Nova Clarke: Merging sharknadoes?
Lucas Stevens: Sharkicane.
General Gottleib: Can there be such a thing?
Lucas Stevens: I could be wrong. Bio meteorology is not really an exact science yet.

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Continuity mistake: After Claudia leaves the ride without her cell phone it cuts to Fin driving his car into dense fog, and in the exterior shots the Toyota's front grille emblem as well as the license plate inexplicably vanish, and then reappear.

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Trivia: After Fin receives the Presidential award he's introduced to "Mr. Benchley from The Post." Peter Benchley is the name of the author of 'Jaws' the novel, and Benchley also co-wrote the screenplay for 'Jaws' the film.

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