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Trivia: The film had a notorious production, with many rumors swirling throughout. Amongst the (alleged) things to occur during filming were: a last-minute budget cut that meant most of the major action-scenes had to be removed and the film had to be restructured; director Josh Trank becoming so disillusioned with filming that he showed up on set noticeably drunk on several occasions; and massive reshoots having to be done to rework the entire film after disastrous feedback from producers and executives.

Trivia: This reboot was given the green light due to the somewhat disappointing box-office numbers of the previous two "Fantastic Four" films. A reboot was considered "less risky" financially. Sadly and quite ironically, this film earned even less than those two films, bringing in roughly $100 million less worldwide than the prior film and nearly $200 million less than the first.

Trivia: Victor's surname of Von Doom was originally changed to Domashev, as the filmmakers didn't think Von Doom was a believable surname, even though it does exist in the real world. It was changed back to Von Doom after fan backlash.

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Trivia: Director Josh Trank fought for Miles Teller to get cast as Mr. Fantastic. The studio finally caved in and allowed Trank to cast Teller, but the two reportedly didn't get along very well on-set, even reportedly getting into a fistfight on one occasion. It has also been speculated that the tumultuous production of this film and its failure at the box office got Teller dropped from the film "La La Land," which he was originally attached to star in.


Trivia: The flying car mentioned in Reed's class is a reference to the one used by the F4 in the comics and in the cartoons.


Trivia: Marvel wanted nothing to do with the film and didn't even mention it on their website. In fact, they stopped their Fantastic Four comics shortly before the film was released.

Trivia: An early draft of the script was much larger in scope and more light-hearted in tone, and featured numerous characters including Dr. Doom, Mole Man and a cameo by Galactus to set him up as a potential future villain. The film had to be scaled back due to budgetary restrictions. Director Josh Trank then decided to approach the film from a newer angle to set it apart, by going for a more Cronenberg-esque body-horror movie crossed with a superhero film. But much of the film was altered in reshoots after filming ended to make it feel more like a standard comic-book movie.

Plot hole: Dr Doom has amazing powers, able to crush people or pop their heads in an instant, which he does to all the humans but not to his biggest threat, the Fantastic 4.

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Chosen answer: No, no one from the film asked him to do a cameo. Stan Lee has said he never requests a cameo and waits to be asked.


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