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Corrected entry: When Reed repairs the cash machine in the foreign country, he has nearly a week of stubble, or close to that. When he gets back home, he's clean shaven.

Correction: After watching this scene, Reed (who has contorted his face to disguise himself at the register) does not have stubble, and certainly not a week's worth. There are shadows that may look like stubble, but then we watch him change back to his regular face in the car, and any growth remains the same.


I don't buy it. Reed's facial hair repeatedly disappears/reappears during the movie. It is due to the movie re-shoots. It is even mentioned on Wikipedia.

Regardless of mistakes in other scenes, this particular scene shows no evidence of a mistake.


Plot hole: Dr Doom has amazing powers, able to crush people or pop their heads in an instant, which he does to all the humans but not to his biggest threat, the Fantastic 4.

Neil Buckley

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Dr. Franklin Storm: Victor, stop! We are not gods, just people. And we are stronger together than we are apart.

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Trivia: The film had a notorious production, with many rumors swirling throughout. Amongst the (alleged) things to occur during filming were: a last-minute budget cut that meant most of the major action-scenes had to be removed and the film had to be restructured; director Josh Trank becoming so disillusioned with filming that he showed up on set noticeably drunk on several occasions; and massive reshoots having to be done to rework the entire film after disastrous feedback from producers and executives.

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Chosen answer: No, no one from the film asked him to do a cameo. Stan Lee has said he never requests a cameo and waits to be asked.


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