Visible crew/equipment: When Fin is gearing up on the bridge, just as he tosses the rope over the rail we can see a crew member's head as he's ducking down behind the rail to Fin's left (viewer's right).

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Visible crew/equipment: At Fin's house, while they're all sitting on the stairs, the moving shadow of the boom mic can be seen at the top right corner of the screen, particularly when Nova says, "We're out of ammo," and "You have a son too?"

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Visible crew/equipment: When Fin tells Baz to drive faster while the police are pursuing them, just as Baz says, "Fast enough for ya?" we can see a crew member's arm and dark hair outside the vehicle, at the bottom right side of the screen, behind the side mirror.

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Continuity mistake: While the shark is atop the car roof, when Fin tries bashing it with the baseball bat, Fin's watch vanishes in all of the overhead shots.

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Derek: It's a Sharknado.

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Trivia: Tara Reid is only eight years older than Chuck Hittinger, despite them playing mother and son.

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