Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Trivia: When Luther is trying to find Ilsa Faust on his laptop, the date of birth on her MI6 file is October 19, 1983. This is the same date of birth as the actress, Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Ilsa in the movie.

Casual Person

Trivia: When Tom Cruise is talking to the young lady in the record store, the camera shows bad guy Lane (Sean Harris) occupying one of the listening booths.

Trivia: Tom Cruise was injured six times during the filming.

Trivia: Despite her prominent billing in the opening credits, Zhang Jingchu is only on screen for 30 seconds and has only two lines.

Trivia: When Ethan Hunt is being interrogated by the "Bone Doctor", the handcuff keys which Ilsa Faust shows him are attached to a rabbit's foot holder, a subtle reference to the "rabbit's foot" device in Mission: Impossible III.


Factual error: Towards the end of the film, Solomon is trapped in a small Plexiglas box and fires his gun into the bulletproof sides numerous times, but the bullets don't ricochet or get embedded in the glass.

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Benji Dunn: Let me guess. Presumed dead?
Ethan Hunt: Well tonight, I just made it official.

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