Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Corrected entry: When Ethan pushes the bulletproof box over, the hoses that connected the box to the gas canisters are gone. (02:01:30)


Correction: The glass box has an open grate in the bottom, hence the cage would not be connected to hoses as the gas could seep in from external canisters.

Corrected entry: When Hunt stumbles over the front of the car in Morocco it's facing to the left, but when he drives off it's now facing to the right.

Correction: The car doesn't change directions. When he jumps over it the camera is on the left side of the car. When he drives off the camera is on the right side of the car.

Corrected entry: When Brant runs out of Kings Cross station he's not wearing sunglasses, but when he stops running in the underground carpark he's wearing sunglasses.

Correction: Brant is wearing sunglasses as he runs out of the station with Ethan, when the camera pans to their faces in the underground parking lot Brant is still wearing the same sunglasses.

Corrected entry: Ethan puts Benji's identity card (for the underwater safe scene) in a shoulder pocket in his wetsuit. He then pulls it out of a pocket on his leg.

Correction: Ethan puts Benji's identity card in his left leg's pocket right at the start.

Corrected entry: Hunt cannot use metal air tanks to enter the server because they would be detected. It would be perfectly possible to use low pressure plastic ones - they wouldn't hold much, but enough for a few minutes.

Correction: Low pressure diving equipment would still utilise some metal components.

Even a lemonade bottle would still hold a lungful of air.

Corrected entry: When Ethan and Benji go to Morocco, no one would know what the security card would look like or how it's programmed for them to make a copy to fit Benji's profile. Also issues with acquiring the BMW used to jam the signal at the gates, as the car is supplied by the IMF, which Ethan is no longer a part of, and Benji couldn't ask for it, as that would open him up to too many questions.

Correction: They knew how the system was designed, they just had trouble accessing it. As for the car, the Syndicate could have provided it (since Ilsa was working for them), rather than the IMF. Ilsa simply took advantage of Ethan's skills to get hold of the information from the vault. The plan itself was already in place (she was training for the diving section of the mission).

After the assassination, Ethan gained access to an IMF safe house (boat) and cache. It is entirely reasonable to assume he was aware of another in Morocco where they acquired the car.

Revealing mistake: When Benji imagines putting on a mask of an agent he plans to impersonate, when the camera pans around to first show the mirror, the mirror Benji's hands are further up on his face than the reflection, and the mirror Benji's hands move down his face slightly before the reflection starts to move them. Also, the mole that Ethan has on his left cheek isn't reversed in the mirror image. The "mirror" was actually a hole in the wall between two identical sets (one mirrored), with Simon Pegg and a Tom Cruise double in the foreground, and the mask actor and Tom Cruise in the background "mirror" set. (00:57:20)


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Benji Dunn: Join the IMF and see the world. On a screen. From a closet.

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Trivia: When Tom Cruise is talking to the young lady in the record store, the camera shows bad guy Lane (Sean Harris) occupying one of the listening booths.

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Question: When Ilsa presents Ethan with his supposed 3 options, she says she's proof the Syndicate exists, but I'm not sure how exactly. She also says the CIA wouldn't believe them right afterwards. They all assume at this point the disc is a ledger though, so why wouldn't that definitively prove the Syndicate is real? I know of course that since it's encrypted they can't open it, but Ilsa doesn't know that! I don't see how she could come to the conclusion that the CIA won't believe them.

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