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Mrs. Munro: Your dad hated what he did for a living. Mechanic in a garage, like his dad before him. When he got called up, he said to me, "My love, I'll not spend this war "underneath the oil pan of some toff's jeep. "I'm gonna put in for the RAF." So he did. He trained. Scored high marks, got assigned to a Bristol Blenheim, Mark IV. Blown out of the sky. First time up. All his mates who worked the motor pool came home without a scratch.

Sherlock Holmes: Exceptional children are often the product of unremarkable parents.

Sherlock Holmes: And so ends the story about a woman who died before her time, and a man who had long outlived his.

Sherlock Holmes: A man abandoned his family and wrote his son a story. He wouldn't be the first to cloak his cowardice in a flag of sacrifice.

Roger: I shouldn't have said what I said.
Mrs. Munro: Lesson there, then. Don't say everything you think.

Sherlock Holmes: I was given a small chest containing the Watson stories, none of which I'd ever actually read. They were, as John always described them, penny dreadfuls with an elevated prose style.

Sherlock Holmes: I have been alone. All my life. But with the compensations of the intellect.
Ann Kelmot: And is that enough?
Sherlock Holmes: It can be. If one is so fortunate as to find a place in the world. And another soul with whom one's loneliness can reside.

Continuity mistake: SPOILER: The boy, Roger, finds a glove in a secret drawer in Mr. Holmes' room. The glove is lying perfectly flat in the drawer. It had supposedly been there for years unknown to Mr. Holmes. Later, in a flashback scene, it shows Dr. Watson putting the glove in the drawer. When he puts the glove in the secret drawer, it is not laid flat in the drawer - it has an obvious upward bend in the glove. Since the glove had been in the drawer, untouched, for years, it should have still had that upward bend.


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Suggested correction: Although we are only shown Watson putting the glove in the drawer once there is no reason to suggest he may not have looked at it again before he left for good. More compellingly, Watson placed the glove in the drawer whilst the bureau was in place in Holmes' quarters in London, and it was not discovered until a quarter of a century later having been moved at some point to Holmes' house in Sussex. This journey could also easily have displaced the gloves position to some degree. The weight of papers contained in the drawer above may have also aided in flattening the glove out over the years.

Andrew Upton

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