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Sarah Conner: [to Kyle] So, you're remembering the future?
Pops: No. The boy is the alternate timeline version of you. Kyle Reese is remembering his own past, which is our future.
Sarah: That makes it so much better. How can he be remembering two timelines?
Pops: It is possible if you were exposed to a nexus point in the timeflow when you were in the quantum field...
Kyle: Can you...can you stop him from talking like that? Is there a switch or something?
Sarah: Pops, try again.


John Connor: What are you?
Alex: I'm Skynet.
John Connor: You can't be - we destroyed you!
Alex: You destroyed an army of slaves. I am no slave. I've come a very long way to stop you.

John Connor: I look at each of you and I see the marks of this long and terrible war. If we die tonight, mankind dies with us.

Sarah Connor: We're here to stop the end of the world.
Detective O'Brien: I can work with that.

John Connor: I'm not a man, not a machine... I'm more.

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Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 walks past the deactivated T-800 just after being shot at by Kyle Reese, you can see that the T-800 has taken a lot of damage to the face and the nose is missing. Once the T-800 gets up after being reactivated you can see that the nose is back with a lot less damage to the face with a close up shot.

Soban Ahmed

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Question: If John Connor and the resistance are so good at reprogramming Terminators (They have done it 3 times during the series), why don't they just use them to help fight the war? Continuously sending them back in time may have kept Connor alive, but has achieved little else.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: As long as Skynet kept sending other Terminators into the past to kill John Connor before he became the leader of the human resistance, it was necessary to keep sending reprogrammed Terminators into the past as well so that the timeline would not be altered, thus resulting in a Skynet victory. While it is possible that John and the resistance may have used reprogrammed Terminators to help them in the future, this was never depicted or otherwise mentioned within the film series.


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