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Correction: A T-1000 (or any liquid metal terminator) is capable of changing its outer appearance. It makes sense that Pops would keep his appearance familiar to Sarah so she recognises him and doesn't immediately assume he is a different Terminator out to kill her.

Correction: No, it's not. It's not even close. It's just pieces of John being pulled apart as he struggles to get away from the magnet. The images are essentially the same height and upright. In fact, two middle images are the tallest and straightest.


Corrected entry: Sarah throughout most of the movie wears her hair in a ponytail. In the scene prior to using the time machine her hair is loose because she can't wear any clothing. However her hair is somehow back in its ponytail prior to her stepping into the time machine.

Correction: We don't know how much time passes between these scenes, and none of the shots of her hair down then in a ponytail are continuous shots. After they're done talking about what year to go to, the next scene they're already in the locker room and her hair is down, and she had plenty of time to do it. She could have taken it down for a number of reasons, such as brushing it or because something got in her hair. After that, the next scene is all 3 at the time machine. She could have put it in a ponytail out of habit or because they had more to do, and again, she had plenty of time to do so. She even covers herself after taking her clothes off even though she's going to be naked in front of Kyle, so no reason to think she couldn't put her hair back up in the meantime. Of course, as she enters the time machine and disrobes she takes her scrunchie off to let her hair down.


Corrected entry: When the helicopter crashes at the end Kyle says Pops is probably at the bottom of the lake, then Pops walks in - not only is he bone dry but shows no signs of being in any sort of crash. After all he did hit the spinning rotor blades that should have left some damage.

Correction: Reese says Pops "probably" ends up at the bottom of the lake. We actually see the fuselage of the helicopter floating in the lake after the crash, so Pops most likely got out of the helicopter before it sank. Also, Pops does not hit the rotor blades on the second helicopter, he crashes through the side of the second helicopter and disables it from within.

Correction: This movie is a reboot of sorts that only considers the first two films for its plot. Anything introduced in 3 and 4 has been ignored.

Continuity mistake: In the bus scene on the Golden Gate bridge, right after the bus flips end-over-end, we see it sliding broadside from Pops' point of view through the hole in the police car windshield, at most a few hundred feet ahead. At this point, the bus falls over the side of the bridge, breaks apart, then catches and hangs there. In the ensuing wide angle shot, even though Pops was a mere block away and racing at top speed, his car is nowhere in sight. What's taking him so long? Did he take the scenic route? Perhaps stop for beverages? Meanwhile, as Kyle and Sara snap out of it, exchange some dialogue, and begin scrambling upward to safety with John Connor again in hot pursuit, a full minute passes before Pops finally rolls in to save the day. (01:28:35 - 01:29:15)

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Trivia: When the three are getting their mugshots, Jai and Emilia are 2" taller than in real life and Arnold is about 4" taller than in real life.


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Question: Why did the old T-800 prevent his younger self from killing three punks and stealing their clothes? I mean, these punks were meaningless to it, so why did it save them?

Answer: The T-800 "Pops" was working with Sarah Connor, and they were trying to eliminate any Terminator sent back in time. The punks were incidental and the aim was not necessarily to save them, but Sarah probably also wanted to minimise the collateral deaths as much as possible by destroying the machines as soon as they emerged.

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