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Stupidity: Immediately after Unkar Plutt makes Rey a generous offer for BB-8 and she refuses, he tells someone over his communicator to follow her and bring back the droid. He should have at least waited until she was out of earshot before he said that, especially if he was trying to be covert about it.


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Suggested correction: But he was out of earshot of her.


I posted this immediately after watching the scene in question, and it looked as though Plutt spoke into his communicator right after Rey turned around and went on her way; certainly too soon for her to have gotten more than a few steps away. Also, he spoke at a normal, conversational volume rather than anything that sounded like a whisper or "sotto voce", so unless he was relying on the ambient noise of other nearby activity, I still believe this "stupidity" is valid.


That depends on how sneaky you think Plutt is. Rey walks away in quick paces, so she is out of earshot. Also I don't think it bothers him that much if she heard, she is just a scavenger, what can she do about it?


Rey was definitely out of earshot. Rey walks completely out of the shot, which appears to be about 10 feet away. Unkar Plutt then angrily swipes the portions off the counter and picks up his communicator. At the pace Rey was walking she would have been a considerable distance away from him when he spoke. In addition, Unkar Plutt lowered his voice when he spoke because he was being sneaky. She might have been able to hear him speak, but it is totally reasonable that she wouldn't be close enough to make out exactly what he was saying.


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Continuity mistake: After Rey touches Luke's lightsaber she begins to have the vision, and when she falls to the floor the blaster is missing from the back of her belt, but after she "sees" Luke and R2 and then stands up the blaster is back again, tucked into her belt. (Even though Rey's having her vision of things all around her, she herself is not a vision).

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Trivia: When Rey has her vision after touching Luke's lightsaber, she hears a voice at the end that says, "Rey, these are your first steps." The voice that says "Rey" was a partial sound bite taken from the late Sir Alec Guinness saying "afraid," and Ewan McGregor came in to record "these are your first steps." So you're hearing both the voice of old Ben Kenobi and young Obi Wan Kenobi speaking.

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Question: Was there a specific reason Mark Hamill got 2nd billing (other than he's Luke Skywalker)? Was the billing order based on how much they each got paid? I don't recall seeing his picture on any The Force Awakens posters and it didn't seem like they needed to add hype to the movie by billing "big name" celebrities. Of course that leads to asking why Hamill reportedly got paid 7 figures for his "role" when the actual stars got less than half or a third of that. I know they're all in unions, so is it a union thing? Or just a better agent thing?


Chosen answer: The actors playing Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren were mostly unknown, while Mark Hamill is famous worldwide as both a screen actor and voice actor. The billing order was likely based on their fame and then on their new roles. It's not a union thing, minimum wage in the Screen Actor's Guild is far lower than what they were paid. It's a combination of bigger star, better agent, and the future of the series.

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