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Corrected entry: When Rey catches the light saber at the end the high side of the handle is facing outwards but when she turns it on the high side is now facing inwards.

Correction: There is enough time between shots for her to turn the hilt around.

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Corrected entry: After the sun has been drained of its power and dies it should be pitch black, but we are able to see Ren, Finn and Rey in the forest. The only light should be man made, and they are too far away to be illuminated by the lights from the base. (01:50:40)

Correction: There is another source of light. When the X-wings drop out of Hyperspace to attack the base, they are illuminated by this source of light, and flares from it can be seen as the camera pans to the right to show the weapon - which is being illuminated by the same source. Due to the color, it's probably a star of white or blue spectrum, different than the yellow star (facing the other side of the planet) that the weapon drains to charge.

Corrected entry: When the falcon leaves Jakku the bottom cannon is back in position and not stuck in the forward position.

Correction: If you watch carefully, the falcon hits a piece of old broken debris on the ground just after they fired at the TIE fighter. The debris hits the cannon, straightening it back into its normal position.


Corrected entry: During the chase on Jakku the Falcon skims the sand a few times. With the weight and speed of the Falcon the bottom cannon should be ripped off but it isn't. Also later when it crashes on Starkiller Base there appears to be no apparent damage - impossible after such a hard landing, compacted snow is like concrete.

Correction: The Falcon is made from extremely high-grade materials and has been upgraded with additional military grade armor plating, not to mention the kinetic energy particle shield which the ships maintains around its hull. The physical hull of the ship never actually came into direct contact with any of the objects the ship crashed into.

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Corrected entry: The crashed star destroyer on Jakku defies the laws of inertia - the command tower would have collapsed onto the main body when hitting the planet. By the look of the bent up front during the chase it hit pretty hard.

Correction: We don't know the circumstances of the crash or the structural integrity of the fictional components used to build this fictional craft. If the ship had free-fallen from orbit to the planet's surface, yes, it really ought to be in much worse shape than it is. The fact that it isn't indicates that the descent was not completely uncontrolled; more of an emergency crash-landing than a total crash and burn.

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Corrected entry: During the lightsaber battle between Kylo Ren and Rey, after Rey summons Luke's lightsaber, the hilt has two distinctly different designs. One shot shows horizontal bands around the hilt, which is not found on the lightsaber in any other shot, in any of the SW films. (01:53:15)

Correction: What shot are you referring to? Every shot I see of the lightsaber, it stays consistent, looking just like Luke's lightsaber. I tried to watch every shot of the lightsaber very carefully & can not find any shot where it looks different.

Corrected entry: After Rey gets Kidnapped by Kylo Ren, Finn screams "REY!" A person in black clothing with no mask is just walking in the background.


Correction: There had been many guests in Maz's castle at the time of the attack, so after its destruction we see some of those people fighting the Stormtroopers during the ensuing battle. When Finn rushes toward Kylo Ren's command shuttle, he runs right past the person you noted just before he shouts for Rey, and that person appears to be holding a weapon.

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Corrected entry: When Finn is talking to Maz about his past, he leans in, saying "You don't know a thing about me." When he does this a flag is extremely visible in his eyes. Lucasfilm animators actually tried to fix this by putting the same flag reflection in Maz's eye to make it look like only like a light above them. However it is quite obvious it is a flag.

Correction: Watching this scene very carefully, there is no way you can make out a flag through his eyes. It looks like there is a white light off in the distance, but it doesn't look like a flag.


Corrected entry: While Han and Rey are talking outside the Millennium Falcon on the green planet, the sun changes between shots.


Correction: You never see the sun or any shadows to indicate that it changes between shots. The brightness stays the same throughout the scene. There is one part where they show Rey facing forward & it looks like the sun could be shining behind her and off to her right. That stays consistent throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: Finn enters the shuttle upon return from Jakku, looks over his right shoulder and removes his helmet. We then hear Captain Phasma speak and she is standing right where he just looked - how did she get there? There's a bulkhead behind her, and the entrance ramp in front of her. If she was already there Finn would have seen her.

Correction: Fin enters she shuttle facing the cockpit. He then briefly looks at the ramp behind him that he just walked in from, then looks forward again & takes off his helmet. She easily could have followed him onto the shuttle without him noticing. Since he just quickly looked back, he wouldn't have noticed her if she was standing beside the shuttle.


Corrected entry: When Finn is on the ground after being chased by Rey and then shocked by BB-8, Finn's pants do not have burns from the initial shock. The shot changes to Rey and back to Finn seconds later where he is shocked again and has 2 burn marks on his pants. When the shot comes back to him on the ground for a third time, there are no burn spots.


Correction: There are never any burn marks on his pants. There is a point where there is a spot of sand on his pants, and in one shot it looks like the spot moves. But you never see any burn marks on the pants.


Corrected entry: When the stormtroopers run out of the dropship onto Jakku there is a downed stormtrooper at the bottom of the ramp. If you look closely it's just an empty stormtrooper suit.

Correction: It's not an empty suit. You can't see that nor would it be logical. It's just a stormtrooper lying in the sand, probably dead.


Corrected entry: After Rey saves BB-8 from the net on Jakku she leaves a perfectly good net behind - odd choice for someone who scavenges for a living.

Correction: As we've seen, Rey's buyer only accepts technology- engine parts, droids, etc. A net is virtually useless. Plus, Rey already has a net on the side of her speeder.

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Corrected entry: When Finn pulls Poe to the side of the corridor to tell Poe he's rescuing him, Finn's face changes from sweaty to dry and back again in three successive shots.

Correction: His face is sweaty in all the shots.


Correction: No it is not. I have examined all of the shots, and there are certain shots where Finn has beads of sweat on his face, and then other shots, he is completely dry.

Oh come on he is never completely dry. Stop exaggerating.


Corrected entry: When the rebel ships drop out of hyperspace above Starkiller Base, the plasma stream from the sun is missing.

Steve West

Correction: That's because they arrived at the other side of the starkiller base, at the weapon itself. The intake of the solar energy is on the other side as you can see on a schematic screen when they start sucking up the star.


Corrected entry: When Finn and Rey climb the ladder and find Han and Kylo Ren on the bridge, Finn is wearing Poe's jacket (he is seen as if he had just put it on). But in the previous sequence, they started to climb the ladder with Rey wearing the jacket.

Lucy Villa

Correction: After their mission to disconnect wires and such in the other building, yes, we see Rey and Finn begin climbing the outside ladder while Rey's temporarily wearing Poe's jacket, however, quite a bit of time passes and there are more than a dozen shots of Han, Kylo Ren, and Chewie before we even see Finn and Rey again, appearing from the doorway while Finn's adjusting Poe's jacket that he has just put back on - Rey took it off and Finn put it back during offscreen time.

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Corrected entry: When Finn and Rey find the Millennium Falcon on Jakku, Rey calls the ship "garbage." In A New Hope, when Luke first sees the ship, he calls it "a piece of junk."

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Correction: And in Empire, Leia refers to it as a "bucket of bolts". And in Jedi, Lando refers to it as a "hunk of junk". It's a running theme with the Falcon.

Corrected entry: While at Maz's castle, Finn's blaster suddenly goes missing. He had it when Maz gives him the lightsaber, but once he comes out of the castle it is gone. He even tells Maz that he needs a weapon. She reminds him about the saber. He has the blaster when he gets to the Resistance base.

Correction: There's really nothing sudden about it. Finn has the blaster while in the castle's basement with Han and Chewie, when Maz hands him the lightsaber, but then the First Order's attack rocks Maz's castle. After this we have no idea what transpires while they're all inside the castle, and quite a bit of time passes until we see Han, Chewie, Finn, and Maz climb out of the castle rubble, which is when Finn no longer has that weapon. And Finn does not have a blaster with him as he exits the Falcon, when they get to the Resistance base.

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We do know what transpires when they're in the castle. According to deleted scenes and the novelization, Stormtroopers capture them and force Finn to drop his gun. Then Han begins to insult Snoke and the First Order (revealing he noticed Finn was wearing Stormtrooper boots and that's how he knew he was lying about who he was) and Maz uses the Force to collapse the corridor on the troopers, allowing them to escape. But Finn left the blaster behind.


Corrected entry: When Chewbacca and Rey get in the Millennium Falcon and fly away to find Luke, BB-8, C3-PO, and R2-D2 are in the crowd. When the Millennium Falcon lands on the planet where Luke is, Rey climbs the hill. Then she looks down, outside of the Millennium Falcon are Chewbacca and R2-D2.

Correction: It's not R2-D2 in the crowd, it's a very similar looking droid but it's black rather than blue.

Corrected entry: When the stormtrooper is killed in the village, the characteristics of the bloody fingerprint smears on Finn's helmet have changed when he's on the First Order's Star Destroyer.

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Correction: The fingerprint smudges stay the same. There are 3 smudges just above the visor, going down, across it. With a few splotches on the side that stay consistent while he's wearing it.

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Revealing mistake: While Poe leads the aerial assault on the oscillator, in the closeups of Poe and other X-wing fighter pilots, note the cockpit windows at the pilots' left and right have identical marks and scratches in their individual X-wings. It's particularly noticeable when one closeup follows another.

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Han: You hurt Chewie, you're gonna deal with me!
Finn: Hurt him?! He almost killed me six times! [Chewie grabs Finn by the neck] Which is fine.

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Trivia: When Finn turns on the chess game, it carries on from when it was turned off in Star Wars: A New Hope.

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