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Correction: There were GIFsets at the time that showed grey eyes instead of green due to them being filmed in a theater. His eyes are green in the real film.

Jillian Tyrie

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Continuity mistake: Bing Bong hurts his leg and cries candies. One with a grey wrapper vanishes in the next shot. (00:40:00)


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Bing Bong: Take her to the moon for me. Okay?

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Trivia: Pixar's A113 reference makes an appearance as a graffiti on a wall when Riley is running away from home. (01:14:00)


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Question: After Riley quits hockey practice, Fear decides to abandon Headquarters by letting himself get sucked into the tube for transports memory orbs. Fear, along with several orbs is nearly sucked in, but he is suddenly ejected from the tube. How come the tube doesn't suck Fear in like it did to Joy and Sadness?

John Ohman

Chosen answer: Look carefully and you'll see that Fear gets stuck in a bunch of memories, then the tube bursts.

Lily Harrison

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