The Cobbler
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Max Simkin: Hey, Ma, let me ask you somethin'. You ever wish you were somebody else?
Sarah Simkin: No. I'm your mother. That's all I ever wanted to be.
Max Simkin: But... if you could do whatever you wanted to do, what would it be?
Sarah Simkin: Um... Have dinner with your father. That would be nice.

Abraham Simkin: It's a privilege to walk in another man's shoes, Max, but it's also a responsibility.

Jimmy: If they ever have a kid, you won't be able to look directly at it.

Jimmy: I was always telling your pop he should sell this crap and make some money, but he can never throw anything away.
Max Simkin: Yeah, except his family.

Continuity mistake: When Max is on the train, after finding out about the stitcher, he's next to a poster ad that has people in it. After the shot of the couple kissing, the poster ad has changed to just having words on it. The person standing next to the seats changes too, and then in the final shot is gone. (00:21:55)


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