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Continuity mistake: In the final chase, we see Max taking the arrow out of his hand and Furiosa pulling the knife out of herself. A few shots later, Furiosa is changing gears and moving the rig to the left of Max's rig. In that shot, the knife is still lodged in her body. (01:39:40)


Revealing mistake: When Imortan Joe's body is thrown from the car by Max at the end, if you look closely when the crowd rush in it's just his costume there and no body.

Continuity mistake: When Max sits on the back of Furiosa and loads the clip in the gun, the chain is visible around his right leg, but when he fires, the chain is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: Joe's windshield takes 2 bullets and slightly spiderwebs, later there is no damage.

Visible crew/equipment: A group of the crew can be seen on the right side of the canyon while the camera flies in from the back of the group of cars to the front of the collapsed canyon entry. (00:52:15)

Audio problem: When Mad Max says "How much more can they take from me? They've got my blood. Now it's my car!" The audio does not match his lip movements. The line sounds like a dub recorded in an audio studio. (00:16:40)


Factual error: At the end of the sand storm scene the flare is left on the ground stationary despite being in a sand storm that has been lifting people and cars off the ground.

Factual error: Nux fills the bottom of his car with petrol then lights a flare but nothing happens - the fuel should have ignited from the fumes being given off, it wouldn't need to come in contact with the liquid directly. The driver is sitting in a confined space with windows and doors shut when he lights the flare and we see the petrol sloshing about the floor of the car about an inch deep and fumes rise upwards to where the flare is.

Continuity mistake: Furiousa's face is not bloodied anymore after she is knocked to the ground with a big thud after her tussle with Max. It goes from bloody, to not so bloody during the fight, to non-existent by the end of the sequence. (00:34:40 - 00:36:50)

Mentrik Tjen

Visible crew/equipment: When the War Rig slams into the Volkswagen with the flamethrower it breaks apart and flips. When the Volkswagen flips over a camera flies off. (01:39:50)

Continuity mistake: The amount of silver paint sprayed on Nux's mouth changes between shots through out the whole film to dark, light and not there at all - it's car paint and should be hard to remove.

Continuity mistake: The amount of water coming out of the pipes is considerably less when we see it reach the bottom and that's allowing for some drifting off on the way down. The force of the water is different as well, more like from firehose pipes than a waterfall.

Continuity mistake: The amount of black axle grease on Furiosa's face changes all the time throughout the film to very dark, light, and not there at all. In one scene we see her apply it from the steering wheel column in the following scenes it's nearly gone. Axle grease is very hard to remove.

Continuity mistake: When the Bullet Farmer (now blind) is being driven towards the War Rig, and is indiscriminately firing at Max and co, the weapons he is using change between shots. He starts by firing two MP5's, then two AK-type rifles, then back to two MP5's again. (01:10:33)

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Continuity mistake: When approaching the rock arch at the end of the film the guys on the motorbikes are waiting, but the shot shows the large arch on the left and the war rig approaching from the other side. The large arch is on the left-hand side when it is blown up earlier, so the war rig is coming from the wrong direction - from the citadel side.

Continuity mistake: When Max gets out the car at the end, we are supposedly seeing this through the POV of the telescope. However, we see two completely different angles that would be impossible to see from the same telescope that is in the same position fixed to the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Furiosa is explaining to Max about the kill switches when the war rig is stopped, she begins to put her mechanic arm on. When the view changes, she is again beginning to put it on.

Continuity mistake: The bloodline between Max and Nux is entangled with the chain, but after the fight with Furiosa, when Max is sitting on her back, there is a shot where the bloodline is free from the chain. Later it's entangled again. Also the line is less than 2 ft long after Nux cut the chain, but at the end, when Max is preparing the transfusion it's much longer.

Continuity mistake: In the end chase the fuel rig starts to explode and Max jams the throttle with the people eater's foot and jumps to the war rig as the fuel rig is completely engulfed in flames and the trailer starts to explode. Moments later when Max is fighting the pole cat, the fuel rig isn't on fire so much and explodes a second time.

Audio problem: When Max is on the front of the people eater's truck, the gunman shoots at Max, then briefly stops. When he starts shooting again, the sound effects of the shooting are too early, as there are no flashes from the gun.

Max: You know, hope is a mistake. If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane.

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Trivia: Max only has 12 lines in the entire film.

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Question: What was the purpose of Nux's idea concerning overturning one single tree?

Answer: The truck was stuck in the sand and they had to use the tree to winch it out - the tree was used as an anchor. The weight of the truck and soft sand pulled the tree out.

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