Runaway Bride

Richard Gere is a journalist low on ideas. A man in a bar tells him about a girl, Julia Roberts, in his home town who gets engaged to guys but runs away/dumps them at the alter. Gere decides to write his article about her but when Roberts reads the article, she is offended, complains to the paper and gets Gere fired. Gere then decides to travel to the town to investigate her, now it is close to her 4th wedding, so if she runs again, he has vindication.

Continuity mistake: In one of the last scenes, on the balcony in NY where Maggie is telling him all the things she has realised, Ike asks if he needs to be writing these down. In the next shot, he is holding a piece of paper, yet she has never handed it to him.

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Trivia: There is no 'Hale' Maryland; the actual town/area used for filming Runaway Bride is called Berlin (also in Maryland). There was such a response from tourists looking for Hale after the movie was released that signs were erected along the highway and on the main street of Berlin welcoming them to Hale.


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Question: Was the set used in Ike's N.Y. apartment the same set as used as the hotel suite in Pretty Woman?

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