Carousel (1956)


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Billy Bigelow: I just couldn't get the hang of being married.
Starkeeper: Was that Julie's fault?
Billy Bigelow: No, but maybe it wasn't my fault either.

Carrie Pipperidge: Oh, hello Enoch... this is how fireman carry people.
Mister Snow: Where's the fire? I never thought I would see the woman I'm engaged to being carried out of the woods like a fallen deer.
Carrie Pipperidge: He wasn't carrying me out of the woods, he was carrying me into the woods.

Mister Snow: You'd think a woman with nine children would have more sense.
Carrie Pipperidge: If I had more sense I wouldn't have had nine children.

Trivia: Shirley Jones plays Julie, mother of Louise Bigelow (Susan Luckey). In real life, Jones is only four years older than Luckey.

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