Continuity mistake: When Roxanne finds out the Charlie is the one writing the letters, she pushes him out the front door and when the camera angle changes to the outside she's pushing him again about 3 feet away from the front door.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie is helping carry the telescope up the stairs, his grip on the telescope changes throughout the scene as the view changes from up close to far away.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie is going through his comebacks with the guy in the bar, right before he gives the last one he is seen from a distance standing next to the guy, then he starts and the scene changes to a close up and he is now leaning against the table that's up against the wall.


Continuity mistake: Right before the barmaid hands Chris the cards to play lowball she just gave him his beer and then she has the cards in her hands.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie is talking to the kid on the roof, the kid's left hand is under his chin in one shot then on his cheek the next.


Continuity mistake: When Chris walks into the restaurant with the 3 girls at the table and he runs into the bathroom, watch the girl eating the sandwich. It keeps switching between hands. It starts right before he walks in.


Factual error: When they are putting out the fire, Charlie belts out "I want two 2-1/2 inch lines from the pump to the fire and three 1-1/2 inch lines from the hydrant to the pump". This is backwards. No fire department would ever use three small handlines to supply an engine from a hydrant.

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Charlie: What a waste of an opportunity. You have THIS in front of you, and all you can think of is 'Big Nose'?!

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Trivia: The surgeon's nameplate on his desk reads "Dr. Schepisi." This is a nod to the film's director. Fred Schepisi.


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