Continuity mistake: When Tris saves Christina from falling and then rolls on to her back you can see her sports bra underneath. In the next scene, she and Tobias have a brief sex scene where she removes the same top, but there is no bra underneath.

Continuity mistake: When Four bangs on the table and the silverware is jostled, there's nothing under his arm or by the plate. In the next shot of him a spoon is next to his arm and the plate. And when he is leaving, items on the table change too, such as the position of the glass of water that was next to Tris.


Continuity mistake: Divergent and Insurgent take place after one another it makes no sense that Jeanine goes from wearing dark blue to a lighter blue as she does here.


Continuity mistake: After Tris cuts her hair, she and Four are talking. Tris' hairstyle changes every time the camera angle changes, with no action to account for it.

Continuity mistake: Tris overpowers Peter in the testing chamber. After Jeanine says that she has enough guards, Tris pushes him away and turns around. A second later Peter is in the control room with Jeanine, his face already cleaned and without blood. (01:54:20)


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Suggested correction: 10 seconds pass before we see Peter next, he has time to wipe the blood of his face as he goes into the control room. We even see blood on the back of his hand as if he used it to wipe his blood off.


Evelyn: You wanna tuck him in, or should I?

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Question: Why does Evelyn kill Jeannine at the end? This isn't how the book goes and she's executed by Tori in Allegiant at the beginning.


Answer: Movies seldom follow books exactly as they were written. Details change, characters are eliminated or added, locales change, etc. This was probably done to compress and streamline the plot to better serve the film medium.

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True but in the book it's more emotional when Tori does it as she did it to avenge her brother George whom she thought Jeannine killed.


Answer: When Tris is in the sim where she identifies Four as a sim. Jeannine says she has completed four sims and Peter says what about Amity, Jeannine says she already passed that when she spared your life. But then Tris ends up doing Amity again as the last one?

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