Kingsman: The Secret Service

Factual error: When the barracks are completely flooded, several of the trainees shove shower hoses down the toilets for an "unlimited supply of air" (as Merlin explains moments later, describing it as "simple physics"). However, that old fireman's trick is a technique for surviving dense smoke, which is not under tons of pressure. In the barracks flooded 9 feet deep with water, the pressure would be so enormous that it would easily gush straight down the toilets in a powerful torrent, eliminating any "unlimited air supply."

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Factual error: When the barracks are completely flooded, Eggsy punches through a large two-way mirror to escape. The fact is that any glass (or plexiglas) thick enough to withstand many tons of water pressure without bursting would be as impenetrable as concrete to Eggsy's bare fist. He would need a chisel-tipped jackhammer to penetrate such a mirror.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Galahad is taking Eggsy below ground at the Kingsman Tailor Shop, they enter the dressing room and the door is open with it still open in the mirror in the next shot. Then when they go below ground it is magically closed.

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Continuity mistake: When Eggsy is in the interview room at the police station, in a wide shot the tape recorder is on the table by itself, with nothing around it. Eggsy demands a phonecall, the police officer leaves, and Eggsy then reaches beside the recorder and picks up a cordless phone which has appeared from nowhere. (00:16:45)

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Other mistake: During the pub fight scene, the guy who got hit with the glass cup (Wound on his forehead), pulls a six shooter out of his pants, but he fires eight bullets at Harry's umbrella.


Continuity mistake: When Eggsy meets fellow cadets and one of them asks if he's served him in McDonald's, in one shot, Eggsy folds his arm before replying, and then in another, does the same again, from a different angle, while replying. (00:31:45)


Other mistake: In the "Uncut" version of the film, after the "Dinner Party" at Valentine's place, when Valentine is at the door saying goodbye to Harry, he says "Just give me a couple of days to think over your proposal." His lisp has disappeared on the word "days." (00:57:00)


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, as Harry gently takes the snowglobe from Eggsy, in the shot of Eggsy the snow is relatively calm, then in the immediate reverse angle as Harry looks at it, the snow is instantly shaken up.

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Continuity mistake: When Eggsy and Harry are walking toward the Kingsman tailors just before he gets introduced to the new weapons, there is a long shot of them walking down the street and two silver cars are coming down the street behind them. In the next shot the two silver cars that should still be in the background have disappeared. Also, as they approach the Lexus parked in front of the Tailor's, and there is no car beside them, in a second perspective, there is suddenly a black vehicle parked behind the Lexus.


Other mistake: When the Kingsmen are looking on-screen at the dossier of the princess, the attached photo of her is just a screenshot from the earlier scene where she is at the dining table with Valentine and the Swedish prime minister, just before she is imprisoned. Her photo was not taken at that point, and couldn't have been attached to her private file.


Revealing mistake: In the Kentucky church-massacre scene, Harry briefly scuffles with a man in a light blue sweater. Harry elbows him in the ribs, sticks a grenade in the man's pocket, spins him around and delivers a crushing blow to his neck, then hurls him head-first into a wall. Throughout this sequence, the man is obviously a live human being. However, a fraction of a second before he impacts the wall, he transforms into a life-size rubber dummy before our eyes, in mid-frame, without any obvious camera cut. This demonstrates the complexity of the scene - it is a digitally-edited collage of action sequences almost seamlessly strung together into what appears to be one long traveling shot.

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Character mistake: Anyone who knows anything about firearms would never handle a firearm with their finger on the trigger unless ready to shoot. In the training scene with the dog Eggsy is running with his finger on the trigger the whole time. Merlin also does it in the end scene at Valentine's secret lair inside the jet.

Visible crew/equipment: When Eggsy is in the car yelling at his mum's boyfriend and the windows start to go up, you can see a man's head next him on the floor.

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Continuity mistake: In the end credits scene, when Eggsy appears in the pub, Dean is holding a pint glass in his hand, but in the next shot, the glass is suddenly on the table.

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Other mistake: In the final scenes where Eggy goes to have a fight at the pub with his mother's boyfriend they are listening to Slave to Love by Bryan Ferry. The counter says 962 whilst the tape machine is playing (electronic), but the counter does not change.


Continuity mistake: When Valentine is speaking with Princess Tilde through the prison door, his position changes during the reverse shots from Tilde's perspective. On his side of the door, his left shoulder is closer to the door, but in the reverse shot, his right shoulder is closer.


Continuity mistake: After the church massacre, you can see a row of jackets hanging next to a Confederate flag. When the shot changes, the jackets disappear. Then the shot changes again, and the jackets reappear.


Continuity mistake: When Harry and Eggsy are talking about the newspaper headlines, in Harry's study, once Eggsy sits down, the desk lamp on Harry's desk rotates between shots, the main boom arm also changes angles from vertical to set on an angle.

Continuity mistake: In the pub fight, when Galahad stuns the last thug, you see Eggsy flinch and start to move back, but when the shot changes he's sitting back up perfectly still as if he hadn't moved.


Harry Hart: There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

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Question: Harry told Dean he had enough information on him to have him locked up for life. What information was this?


Answer: Details aren't given, but it seems that Dean is involved in local crime along with the gang that hangs around with him. Even if Harry is bluffing, and doesn't have specific proof, it is clear that he is abusive and he has the recording of him threatening Eggsy.

Answer: CCTV surveillance and such like. And a possible kingsman informant embedded in the gang leaking incriminating info. Or police informer who reports to kingsman. Or, y'know, he was lying.

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