Romancing the Stone

Continuity mistake: As Jack presents Joan with the necklace when they are seated at dinner during the festival scene, the one he is holding in his hand is a beaded necklace, to attract more light for the further camera shot, only when the close up of the table occurs it is a completely different necklace. (01:06:55)

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Suggested correction: Jack actually hands her a lot of necklaces not just one, Joan picks out only the one with the heart and puts it on. Of course we know why she chooses that one, but if you look when they get up to dance you can see the other necklaces in a pile on the table, pearls included with the other gold necklaces. I always wondered why he just didn't buy her the one, why did he buy her the bunch then just leave them on the table? (Yes I'm sure they got them when they were done dancing).

Continuity mistake: When Joan takes over cutting the leaves in the jungle, she drops the machete when she comes upon the skeleton. Neither she nor Jack bend over to pick it up, but Jack has it in the plane to kill the snake. (00:04:00)

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Suggested correction: When they're outside in the rain, it is daylight. By the time he kills the snake inside the plane, night has fallen. Plenty of time for him to go back out and fetch the machete.


Revealing mistake: When Michael Douglas attempts to swing on a vine over a deep abyss, the rock that he runs into on the other side moves like a marshmallow, indicating that it's a fake rock. (00:39:10)

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Jack Colton: One hell of a morning has turned into a bitch of a day.

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Trivia: The studio was so sure the film would be a flop, they preemptively fired director Robert Zemekis from his next project, "Cocoon," and instead gave the job to Ron Howard. Ironically, the film ended up being one of the top-ten grossing films of the year.


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Question: Joan wilder is a successful author with a nice apartment and is financially well off. So why wouldn't she pay Jack the $500 he originally wanted for his help? Given her situation, I didn't think it was too much to ask.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: She's lost in Columbia and doesn't have access to money beyond what she has with her. She doesn't want to give him everything she has because she doesn't know when she'll be able to get more.

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