The Wedding Ringer
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Jimmy: This is what you have to understand, Doug. Some people are just loners. It's that simple, man.
Doug Harris: Maybe I don't want to be. Maybe I just want someone to grab a beer with, to go on a cool guy trip with.
Jimmy: You've never been on a guy trip, Doug? Cabo, Cancun, spring break? You've never done anything like that?
Doug Harris: I never really had anyone to go with.

Doug Harris: What exactly do you do?
Jimmy: I provide best man services for guys who lack in such areas.
Doug Harris: So, I'm not alone?
Jimmy: Alone? No! I run a very profitable business because of guys like you! How many weddings were in the US last year?
Doug Harris: 2.4 million.
Jimmy: That means 2.4 million grooms! You think each and everyone of them has someone as their best man?

Jimmy: It doesn't mean that we're not going to have a good time, Doug.
Doug Harris: I said I got it. You're anybody's friend for a price, but nobody's when it counts.

Doug Harris: I want my real life to be as fun as the one I made up.

Edmundo: You put the weed in the coconut, and light that shit up.

Trivia: At the very end of the movie when Jorge Garcia says "I don't have a good feeling about this", it is in reference to his TV series "Lost" where he is in a plane crash.

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