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Roman Holiday (1953)

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Continuity mistake: When Audrey eats her gelato on the steps of the Spanish Plaza, if you look closely, the time is about 12:00 when she buys the cone. However, when she starts eating it, you can see that it's past 3:00.

Continuity mistake: When Audrey and Gregory are saying goodbye in the car, there are two shots where rain is visible outside the car window behind them. When Audrey gets out and walks away, however, it's dry outside.

Continuity mistake: When Ana wakes up in Joe's room in the morning, Joe's tie goes from being tucked into his belt, to being out, and back in again in successive shots.


Continuity mistake: When Joe and Ana are in his room in the morning, Joe puts the newspaper into his pocket with no bold print showing. A few seconds later, even though he hasn't touched the paper, it's now turned with the bold type facing out.


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Gregory Peck pretends to bump into Audrey Hepburn on the Spanish Steps we see several shots of a clock in the background showing the time is around 4.55pm. When he sits down the clock is around 11:30. Then the very last time we see it, the time is 3.50pm.


Continuity mistake: When Ana, Joe and Irving meet at Rocca's, Joe pushes Irving over and a drink spills on his shirt. When he is on the ground, the shirt has a large spot on it, when he stands up, the spot is dry.

Visible crew/equipment: While Anne moves around the palace, trying to escape, she enters a room filled with mirrors. But in one mirror, bottom left, there is a shadow, like someone - a crewman, perhaps - trying to keep out of the shot, but not succeeding.


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Trivia: Because he'd been blacklisted by the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) in 1953, co-writer Dalton Trumbo's name didn't appear in the credits for this film until its DVD release in 2003.

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