Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
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Superman: Why is it that good villains never die?
Batman: Clark, what the hell are good villains?

Captain Marvel: It doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to know you should stay down.
Superman: Tell me something, Captain Marvel. Would Solomon have gone to work for Lex Luthor?

Lex Luthor: It had to be you! The one other person in the world smart enough to stop that meteor.
Toyman: The only person smart enough. You couldn't do it, remember?

Batman: The kryptonite is near your heart. I don't know if I'll get it before the wound closes.
Superman: Where's The Flash when you need him?
Batman: Do me a favor and lose the sense of humor.
Superman: Do us both a favor and buy one.

Batman: Why aren't you with the boy?
Power Girl: I'm close enough right here. And he's not really that much of a boy, you know? He's 13.

Lex Luthor: You can't touch me. We're on American soil now. And I am the president.
Superman: Consider yourself impeached.

Batman: You're late. What took you?
Superman: L honestly don't think you'd understand.
Batman: Lois?
Superman: Mm-hm.
Batman: You're right.

Continuity mistake: When Lex Luthor has his battle suit on and fighting Superman and Batman, the head and neck piece change dramatically and constantly. Sometimes the piece surrounds his head, leaving plenty of room and sometimes his head sticks out over the piece. And it's not a matter of angles, because in some shots, everything being the same, the side piece remains at ear level and his head is either above or below the head piece.

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