Taken 3

Factual error: Towards the end of the film, where St. John is trying to escape with Kim in his private jet, they are apparently attempting to take off from Santa Monica airport. When the camera shows the aircraft beginning its take off roll, the runway markings show that they are using runway 05L to take off from, however, the two runways available at Santa Monica airport are 03 and 21. (01:33:00)

Factual error: The police release Bryan once it is proved he didn't kill his wife. However, they ignore the multiple murders committed by Bryan (for example, he killed bodyguards that were just doing their job), easily injured - if not not killed - many innocent bystanders in a variety of action man moments (freeway pileup, parking garage explosion, etc) and resisting arrest twice.

Factual error: The movie is supposed to take place in CA, but when Kim pulls into the parking lot of the convenience store for her smoothie, a billboard for Willie A. Watkins funeral home is visible. Willie A. Watkins funeral home is a very prominent Atlanta, GA business, where filming took place.

Factual error: After Brian calls Kim to tell her that Lenore is dead, he hangs up and there is a shot of Kim. We hear a busy signal on her phone instead of a dead line.


Factual error: When Liam puts the police car in reverse in the garage and backs into the elevator shaft, the speedometer goes up to 80mph. Speedometers don't work in reverse.

Continuity mistake: When Stuart is leaving the building, he enters a previous generation Mercedes Benz S Class. The next couple of shots where he is being followed by Bryan shows the newly redesigned S Class.

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Officer Bernard: This is gonna end bad for you.
Bryan Mills: Don't be such a pessimist.

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Question: In a movie where a person is waterboarded, is the actor literally waterboarded? Or is there a type of trick or method that directors use?

Answer: Some water might have been used, but actually waterboarding an actor would be a safety hazard. Most likely some special effects are involved.

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