Factual error: They claim she only took 92 days to hike the entire PCT trail... which would require hiking around 28 miles a day with no zero days. They show her spending the first month hiking around 10 miles a day... so this is doesn't make sense. They show the wrong trail head location for the PCT. They don't film on the true Northbound trail head location (The border would be in view). They claim Kennedy meadows is only 100 miles in... It's 700 miles in. She camps and sleeps about 5-7 miles in the first hiking day on a lovely clear patch of ground. In reality she would have to set up on a narrow path (right on the trail) uphill, as there would be no place to set up at that little of a distance on the real trail.

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Suggested correction: She never claimed to want to hike the entire trail, only 1000 miles of it. She started in the Mohave desert; Kennedy Meadows South is at mile 702.2, meaning she may have started at around mile 600. Bridge of the Gods at the Oregon/Washington border (where she stopped) is at mile 2147. If she started at 600, then she actually hiked for 1,547 miles. The numbers *are* weird, but not nearly as weird as this "error" claims.

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Bobbi: I've always been someone's daughter or mother or wife. I never got to be in the driver's seat of my own life.

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