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The Interview (2014)


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Aaron Rapaport: Oh no! We really fucked up, guys! He's arming his fucking nukes.

Kim Jong-un: I don't know what you're talking about! I never heard this song before.
Dave Skylark: You don't have to lie anymore. Katy Perry's your favorite.
Kim Jong-un: Katy who?

Dave Skylark: Team Skylark never backs down from a jerkoff.

Dave Skylark: Haters gonna hate, and ain'ters gonna ain't.

Dave Skylark: Welcome to the jungle, baby, welcome to the jungle. Na na na knees.

Sook: He does not have a butt hole. He has no need for one.

Aaron Rapaport: Dude! The fuck, man! That was John Kerry's office.
Dave Skylark: Forget this oak tree looking fuck! This is top sense! The Times' heading about... about North Korea, read the bottom... after all that... the death camp shit.
Aaron Rapaport: Although Kim Jong-un rallies his people with cries for the destruction of the United States of America, he is known to be an affluent consumer of American entertainment. His favorite shows are Big Bang Theory... and Skylark tonight.

Continuity mistake: After Aaron extracts the capsule out of his butt, when he shows it to Dave he is either holding it pointed upwards or horizontally, depending on the shot.

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