Paddington (2014)

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Continuity mistake: In the classic bathroom scene, the bath is seen to start rising from an underwater perspective. The bath has very firm, large, and securely held on feet, and yet they disappear by the time the bath hits the stairs.


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Suggested correction: As evidenced by the later scene with the character introduction, Mrs Bird reattached them, so they obviously were snapped off.

Continuity mistake: When the family turn off the museum electrical system and then run away, their shoes are dry and do not leave wet footprints on the floor. Only when Millicent checks the electrics do the footprints appear.

Liam D

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Mrs. Bird: You just don't get it, do you?
Henry Brown: What?
Mrs. Bird: This family needed that wee bear every bit as much as he needed you. There. Said my piece.

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Trivia: Colin Firth was the first choice for the voice of Paddington, but after recording some of the lines for the film, the producers decided against him, believing he was "too mature" for the role.

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