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Paddington (the first film of the series) follows the polite and friendly ursine cub on his grand trip from the forests of Peru to London, England, where he's trying to fit in and find a family to stay with. Remarkably seamless blend of live action and CGI-bear antics brings the beloved character and his interaction with his unprepared human hosts to life, as poor Paddington manages to get into all manner of mischief even at his most well-meaning. Adding to their troubles is a ruthless taxidermist/museum director who'd love to possess Paddington's pelt. Can Paddington manage to endear himself to the Brown family and evade the unkind Millicent Clyde, who wants to add Paddington to her permanent collection. British sensibilities and humor come together with wacky hi-jinks to create a charming film that's entertaining for the whole family.

Erik M.

Plot hole: While on the boat, Paddington suddenly appears inside the mail sack, thus implying he managed to open the precinct, get inside the sack and find someone who closed the precinct again. An impossible task.

Sacha Premium member

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Aunt Lucy: Once, there was once a war in the explorer's country. People in England sent their children by train with labels around their necks, so they could be taken care of by complete strangers in the countryside where it was safe. They will not have forgotten how to treat strangers.

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Trivia: The gentleman in the restaurant who waves as Paddington goes past in a black cab is the Paddington creator Michael Bond.

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