Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Continuity mistake: When Robin and Azeem are about to be launched in the catapult, look at Azeem's sword. When he first gets in, the blade is facing down. It then cuts to Will, then back to Azeem, whose sword is now facing blade up. Then they are launched and Azeem lands with the sword blade down again.

Continuity mistake: When Robin and his men steal the cart of brew and Friar Tuck, the Friar's trousers (that he is wearing under his brown robe) change colour repeatedly between shots. When he is singing, and when he is trying to sit up after the men have opened the chest of money, the are flesh coloured (cream). But when he has been hit on the head by the branch and falls from the cart, they are brown. (01:05:40 - 01:06:45)

Continuity mistake: During the confrontation with Guy of Guisborne, over the issue of Wolf's poaching, Guy's teeth during the short conversation ("Well, well - Robin, welcome home") are coloured to look brown. But shortly after when Robin has him prone at his sword's end, and Guy identifies himself ("Guy of Guisborne, the Sheriff's cousin") you can see his teeth have not been made up for that shot - they are white.

Continuity mistake: When the outlaws are being attacked in the forest, one man is shot by a flaming arrow in the back. But when he falls off his platform onto the ground, the arrow is suddenly in his stomach.


Visible crew/equipment: Following the river duel the outlaws, Robin and his men sit around a campfire in the woods. There is a high-angle shot looking down on the men, also showing Little John perched in a tree. Look behind the tree, through the branches, and you can see a piece of camera tracking on the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Robin is talking to the Bishop in his private chambers, they're sitting by the window. They're both lit on the side of their faces that are near the window, but for some reason in the Bishop's closeups, he has harsh white light on the other side of his face as well. Not only is there no source for this light, but in the wide shot that side of his face isn't lit.


Factual error: This pertains to all Robin Hood movies. Robin's back quiver was an American Indian innovation, unknown in Europe until the Age of Discovery. Medieval archers used belt or shoulder quivers.

Continuity mistake: When John starts to cross the burning bridge to rescue his wife and baby, he steps onto the bridge and almost into the fire, which is just inches from him. But when the bridge breaks, the fire has suddenly moved several feet below him (so it doesn't burn him up as he climbs to safety, I presume.).


Continuity mistake: As Marion begins to distract Robin from aiming the arrow you will notice that at the wide angle shot she picks up a brown fletched arrow. As the shot tightens it is a white fletched arrow.

Factual error: In the religious service there are some incredible mistakes that are really obvious to a historian whose speciality is medieval church architecture. The scene is filmed in St Bartholemew The Great Church in London, which was founded in 1123 and built during Henry I's reign: thus it would have been standing by the reign of Richard The Lionheart, when the film is set. However, several seventeenth century memorials can be seen on the walls of the church, and even a modern wooden hymn board. Some of the upper windows of the church were added in the fifteenth century: we see these on several occasions. The glass in the windows is obviously modern, and while the interior walls of medieval churches were elaborately painted, the walls and stonework are plain and bare. (Admittedly it might have been rather expensive to install coloured medieval stained glass and paint the interior walls, so perhaps we can let that go.) There is a later scene in St. Bartholemew the Great in which a modern altar, candlesticks and metalwork can be seen.

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Revealing mistake: This happens at the beginning of the battle with the Celts when Robin runs up the hill to fire a few arrows at them. When he kills the first one, you can clearly see he leans back on his horse as if struck by an arrow, before the arrow actually hits him in the chest.

Factual error: The Sheriff of Nottingham seems to use timekeeping as we do today in the modern age of clocks. However, in the 1100's, when the film takes place, an accurate tell of time was only available during sun-up hours using a sun-dial that needed daily adjustment in order to stay accurate. So sundials would save this mistake, however, the use of torches in the scene as well as an additional source of cool light (the moon) suggests it was nighttime when 10:30 and 10:45 were mentioned. (01:05:30)

Guy of Gisbourne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it's dull, you twit! It'll hurt more!

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Trivia: When the villagers are pushing the catapult to the castle so they can get Robin and Azeem inside, the person on the very right of the screen is wearing the same clothes as Will and has the same hair style, but it is definitely not Christian Slater. It is his stunt double.

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Question: When Little John is cutting everybody free from the gallows, he calls them milksops. Why was this word censored when it was shown on TV?

Answer: There's no reason it should be bleeped out, though maybe censors misinterpreted it. The word merely refers to someone who is weak or timid.

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