Big Hero 6

Trivia: Don't miss the cute scene after the roll of the credits.

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Trivia: Stan Lee makes his customary cameo as Fred's father, a retired superhero. (01:41:05)

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Trivia: In the scene where Hiro and Baymax go to the police station after jumping out of the window, in the depot behind the guard are a lot of wanted signs. Pause the movie and you'll see one of the posters is Prince Hans from Frozen, by the same creators who made Big Hero 6. Hans can be seen again as a statue when Baymax destroys it.

Trivia: The number A113 appears in the trailer when Hiro helps Baymax puts on his suit - a frequent in-joke in Pixar and other animated movies, referencing the classroom used by graphic design and character animation students from California Institute of the Arts.

Trivia: The name Yokai is never spoken in the film. Instead, he is referred to as "Guy in the Kabuki Mask", "Masked Man" or "Man in the Mask."

Trivia: When Baymax is inside Hiro's room for the first time, Hiro falls backwards, and multiple objects begin to fall off the shelf. The first thing that falls onto Hiro's head is a baby Cy-bug from the Disney movie, Wreck-it-Ralph. Also, a doll of Wreck-it-Ralph is seen falling off the shelf.


Trivia: When Hiro and Baymax are flying across the city, there is a moment where they around a monorail and then fly below it, passing through the middle of one of the support beams. In this moment, visible to the right of shot, is a statue of Olaf, from the movie Frozen. (00:59:45)

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Trivia: There is a small TV on Hiro's computer desk. The TV resembles the head of the robot EVE from the movie WALL-E. (00:06:30)

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Trivia: Take a look on the top of Hiro's computer. There is a miniature figure of Ralph from the movie Wreck-It Ralph on top of it. (00:06:30)

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Trivia: In the entire movie the words ‘Big Hero 6' are never spoken once.

Trivia: In the original comics that serve as the basis for the film, Hiro is a child prodigy who fights to save his adoptive mother the Everwraith, an entity made from the souls of those killed in the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Naturally, this was a little too edgy for Disney.

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Continuity mistake: When Honey meets Hiro, she has earbuds in her ears playing music. She starts talking to Hiro, pulls them out of her ears, and they dangle out of her shirt. The dangling earbuds disappear in the close up shot of her and Hiro.

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Fred: If I could have any superpower right now, it would be to be able to go through that phone and give you a big hug.

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