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Avengers: Age of Ultron is a movie that I would say I have mixed feelings on. It is by no means bad, but I would not say it is necessarily great either.

The biggest problem I have with this movie is that it tries to do way too much. This movie needs to do a lot: Bring what people liked about the first Avengers as well as other Marvel movies into this one, have a ton of jokes, bring together the Avengers whilst also introducing new characters, set up future movies and also tell its own story.

Because of this, the movie feels completely overstuffed due to an overabundance of characters, and since there is so much going on that none of the characters feel like they have an arc. Some characters have things going on, but that is not the same as an arc.

Another problem this movie raises is that in trying to satisfy the audience, it feels afraid to take any chances, as if they were worried taking risks would backfire. This becomes a problem when regarding Ultron, the approach to comedy and the story as a whole.

Ultron is not a very good villain. He is not as bland or generic as some of the other Marvel villains, but he tries to be both intimidating and comedic at the same time. It felt like Joss Whedon wanted to make him intimidating, but the studio was worried the children would be too scared and because of this, he is too comedic to be intimidating, and is too intimidating to be comedic.

Some of the Marvel movies can be undermined by its approach to comedy, but this movie is affected the most by it. Virtually every single character is firing one-liners all the time, and becomes too much for them to leave an impact. The comedy even becomes a problem for the third act because the world is as stake and yet they constantly feel the need to crack jokes. The writing did not feel as smart as it did in the first film. There are many moments that I did laugh, though it became too much.

The constant feeling of playing it safe and overstuffing it made the movie feel kinda bloated. In all honesty, the scenes that I love are not the action or the visual effects, but just the scenes where the characters are simply talking with one another. We care about and like these characters, and I would watch a movie focusing simply on them and would not care if there was no action. In fact my favourite fight scene was the scene where they are all arguing before Vision is created.

Weirdly enough, my favourite character from this movie was Hawkeye. He has the best jokes, Jeremy Renner gives the best performance and is the only character to feel as if he has ending once the movie ends. Everyone else feels like their roles are being kept on hold for their next movie.

Overall, this movie has a lot to like, so I cannot say it was a bad movie, but there are a lot of problems on display here as well.

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When Captain America is fighting Ultron in the truck, for a brief moment you can see a safety line holding actor Chris Evans as he's hanging on the side of the cab of the truck.

Quantom X Premium member
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James Rhodes: Think I can’t hold my own?
Tony Stark: We get through this, I’ll hold your own.
James Rhodes: You had to make it weird.

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Trivia: When Tony Stark is choosing FRIDAY as his AI companion, there's a card labeled JOCASTA. Jocasta, in the comics, is a robot, member of Avengers, and was created by Ultron. (01:36:55)

Stephen Warouw
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Question: Just wondering about something. Thanos sent Loki to Earth to recover the Tesseract, which contained an infinity gem. To do this he gave Loki a sceptre, which also contained an infinity gem. When Loki failed in his mission the sceptre was lost, so Thanos not only didn't get the Tesseract Gem, but also lost the Mind Gem, which he already had? Or did he not know the sceptre contained an infinity gem when he gave it to Loki?

Jay Mallone

Chosen answer: He knew. Most likely he planned to kill Loki after he conquered Earth. This is just speculation. We won't know fully until "Infinity War".

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